Feature request: Sneeze button

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My problem:
Sometimes on a video call I need to sneeze. Unfortunately, I do it really loud.

When I know it's going to happen I turn off my video. But it gets more complicated when I have both my camera and microphone turned on. I need to quickly turn off both of them. It's a shame to say it, but I didn't make it a few times. So I always struggle with a problem, which should I turn off first ;)


So I thought "Sneeze button" could really help me ;)

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@JacekSlawiec Already exists in Windows PowerToys, VC Mute allows you to have a single keypress to mute camera and mic. PowerToys Video Conference Mute utility for Windows | Microsoft Docs

@Steven Collier Unfortunately, I use MacOS :(

@JacekSlawiec Pretty easy to fix :)

this sounds like a "onhold" button, AFAIK, teams don't have that

I face this situation too, I just close my Mic by button/hotkey
then lower my head