Drop your files here box won't go away

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My normal chat bar has been replaced by the file sharing bar. How do I return to a normal chat bar??




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Sounds as if a cache related issue could be a probable cause. A simply sign out / in from top right corner should fix that.
Yep, this solved the issue for me.
Hi @Christian, it keeps happening all the time. Sign in/out solves the issue. But after some time it reappears.
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I just had the same issue, my fix (for now) has been dragging an item into the chat, pressing the X on the following prompt.

I hope this helps. 

With my issue, it seems to happen when you click and drag a file to a browser.

@ChrisAye11 Hi,
Yes, that solves it temporarily.

@Vivek01 Try this if not already done, meaning quit the app as well.


Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


That's the solution I've been using, too.

But it's worth note what an absurd bug this is. I'm a professional developer, and there's no excuse for...well, so much of what's wrong with Teams.

@ChrisAye11 wrote:

I just had the same issue, my fix (for now) has been dragging an item into the chat, pressing the X on the following prompt.

That's what I've been doing, as well. It consistently fixes the problem.

Of course the real solution is for Microsoft to start actually fixing absurdly amateurish bugs like this.

@Vivek01  Just drop a dummy file and it will be resolved must faster than quitting or logging off/on Teams.

Yeah this is a very serious bug which Microsoft should fix.

What works for me is closing the program with Task manager. @Anthony_Jackson 

This is still a bug. Experiencing it now

I have this too.
- You can still type within the box, but it is greyed out (sometimes).
- You can open the web browser version of teams to continue the chat in the short term.
Let me know if this helps.
Thank you

This really needs to be fixed urgently, I'm seeing it multiple times a day now.

Infuriating having to close the app through task manager and start over. Is this actively being worked on do we know?

Yeah I am seeing it too. It only started about a month ago but it's more frequent. Clearly still a bug.

@Anthony_Jackson I'm seeing the same issue. I'll try to sign out and back in but this seem equivalent to "reboot your machine 3 times". :) Teams should manage its cache properly or at least have a "clear cache because we can't be bothered" option. 

Thanks that works
Thank you for this. I had tried everything except for giving it what it wanted. Much appreciated.
The problem has been reported to Msft as an official Support Request and been reported to Msft TAP. Hopefully a resolution will be found

@Anthony_Jackson You can try to logout and log back in to MS Teams. This will temporarily solve your issue........