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If we try “Ccopy an Image”, that has been added to a conversation or chat, and them paste it within word or email the attachment is blank.

Anyone else seen this issue?
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Think it's meant more for copy and paste inside teams, cause that works. But I have same thing, cannot paste into word/outlook. Pretty sure it copy's in the Teams markup code not html so can't paste into word/outlook cause of that.

Yes. Very frustrating, as at the Teams end, if you hover over the image, it gives you the 'copy image' option, but at the Word end, there is no error message, and no indication at any point that the image can't be pasted outside Teams. 

I'm having the same issue. It looks like when copying an image, Teams doesn't actually copy the image to the system wide clipboard.

I have the same issue, but was able to get around it by using the browser client for Teams.  From the browser client I can copy an image and paste it into  I couldn't paste directly into Word, but I can copy it from into Word.  Painful...

Yep, we have this also - very frustrating. 


It is definitely interacting with the system level clipboard, because when I subsequently paste into other apps (usually Outlook "New Mail" editor or MS Word) i get a "place holder" of the correct dimensions for the image, but no image - it's just blank

This is a pretty big fail. Anyone know if there is a bug report for this?

@John Matthews I have the same thing, you would think that the image would get copied into the system clipboard

I believe this is being worked on and should be fixed before long.

That is correct but I can copy and paste from a webpage and into Word, Excel, Outlook, or other Microsoft Products, they could just use the general clipboard just like those applications are currently doing.


If they did that then they could just save the headache.


I love Teams and we use it here heavily @ work due to being a microsoft shop but it is a great communication tool.






@Chris Webb It's now February 2020 and no fix.  Have you heard anything else about a possible fix coming?


I have not heard anything new but I tried it yesterday and it is now working for me

Perhaps see if you have the latest updates for Teams

This is the version that we are on...


This is where copying and pasting images is working for me.



I was able to copy paste into word and Outlook no problem up today, now out of a sudden the copy option doesnt appear anymore. 


I could never copy from an image that was "opened", but if I would right click on the image withing the conversation the only option that would appear was to copy the image, and I could actually paste it anywhere. Now nothing happens when I right click on an image. 


I have the same issue here, I can only copy to an Outlook email, Word or OneNote document, but not to paint for example. My version is (64bit). 

Having same issue, cannot copy image from TEAMS to word/excel/outlook. Now that Teams is being used more and more, would be good to have this basic feature of 'image-copy-paste' available.

Very late to the discussion, but for future reference, this is what works using Edge in September 2020. 


Use the web version of teams ""


Right click on the picture, Save as.  While naming the file, add .png to the end. 


@Charles Shaw 

I cannot insert my profile photo on teams has anyone had the same issue?