Can an admin update/change a users Teams Voicemail greeting via powershell? if so how...

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Can an admin update/change a users Teams voicemail greeting via PowerShell? if so how...

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What do you mean by update?

You can set the voicemail policies via powershell:


Update/Change as in alter the text script read out by computerised voice system or say upload an alternative greeting. Encase the users is away to save changing there password to sign in as them and change it or if a bulk standardised alternative is required. 


Usually and admin can do anything a GUI can and more but this seems to be an exception? I hope not

@StephenBell  I am also looking for this feature. I guess it not available

Hi all,

I have raised this as a uservoice here

Would recommend for you to vote on it and get others to do so to push it up the agenda.

Best, Chris
You can supposedly sorta do this now, but only for preview customers I guess. Had a ticket open for a week and they still can't figure out how to enable it for my clients tenant...

@libby2cm  Thank you for this link. Looks good. I am also looking for a way to upload a Voicemail greeting as well.

@Carlos Cordeiro @libby2cm really interesting let us know how it goes I would be very interested to know if this works.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard So, MS was able to enable the cmdlet for me, and I tested it tonight for my client that I am rolling phone system out for, and it works well.  The ability to upload a MP3 greeting would be ideal, but at least the ability to set a TTS greeting will let me get shared VMboxes setup.  Or, at least set a 'blank' greeting on the mailboxes themselves.  This way when I need to send calls to shared VM boxes I can loop them through a queue where I can be more granular with the greeting, then xfer them to the actual shared mailbox where they only get a 'beep' and leave a message.. lol.  Hacky, but, it works.


BTW, while still not ideal or as cheap as it should be, because MS is giving hosted VM to everyone and you can enable that via PS as well, we can now create shared VMboxes, with custom greetings, for $12/mo.. (F1 & Phone System license).


I think that's the cheapest/best way this problem has been solved to date.. that I have seen anyway.  I was hoping the AVM service would put a header in the email voicemail I could key off of in flow to give an indication of the call queue/AA the call came through to get down to 1 mailbox, but alas, no.. 


Hopefully MS matures this a bit in 2019, but at least I can get this system rolled out!


Thanks for sharing Chris. 
Hopefully some further voicemail improvements coming this month:

I am hoping they add the ability to change your voicemail greeting from a Team certified phone next. Been nearly a year since they have been out still not there

Something like this will do it:

Set-CsOnlineVoicemailUserSettings -Identity -DefaultGreetingPromptOverwrite "Hello. I am not here." -PromptLanguage en-AU

Still working out how to turn it on or off for a user, but that does set up or change the greeting.

Unfortunately you can only set the Text-to-Speech option via powershell. If someone has a personal greeting set there's no way to set it back to default so that the TTS is used. I was hoping I missed a setting. 

Perfect example - user just had twins and is going to be in the hospital recovering, etc. As admins, we are left setting a one time password so someone else can get into the account and do a minimal task, this breaking our security protocols.


Thanks for this! Saved me a lot of time.