Block File Sharing in Teams


Is it possible to block file-sharing in Teams?

Just enable chat and calls service in Teams.


Because I tried to block it from the licensing view (disable Sharepoint online service) but it did not work...Besides, if I use conditional access to block Sharepoint online, it will also influence the access of Teams...





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No, I don't think that is possible. If you disable OneDrive for users Teams will use OneDrive for file sharing in chats anyway. If you disable Sharepoint for users, Teams will use Sharepoint anyway for sharing in Channels. 


If you disable Team creation for users and don't create any Teams and don't create any Teams for them, they won't be able to create Teams. And if you disable Chat they won't be able to chat and share files there. But then I don't see why you want to use Teams.


Why do you want to stop users from collaborating with files?


@Linus Cansby 

To prevent data loss in the organization.

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As referred to in the previous link you can control external sharing on SharePoint and OneDrive at a tenant level or at a site level (with permissions), or you can apply Data Loss Prevention policies on content within SharePoint/OneDrive from the Office 365 Security and Compliance Centre

Here are the links

Best, Chris

I would say it is better to use the data loss prevention and disable external sharing (read the links from Chris) instead of disabling file sharing. File sharing and working with files together in Teams is a big part of Teams. 

Because of DLP (Data Loss Prevention) concerns. Inside user could share sensitive files with outside people as a means to get data out of the company and avoid emailing or other means. Our systems have to be locked down to keep information inside. We have rules and security guidance implied by certain contracts that we have to follow. For instance PC are blocked from using removable media (USB and CDROM) but we also see the benefit of having the option to chat and do meetings with teams.

Been on the same issue, here is how to do it: