Activating NDI in Teams not working (Failed Error: FILE_SIGNATURE_MISMATCH)

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I can't activate NDI in Teams, all my colleagues can activate NDI, but for me it does not work. I have tested in different versions of Teams and on different computers. Get the same error every time and everywhere.




The log file says:

error - NdiBundleInstaller :: executeStep - Failed Error: FILE_SIGNATURE_MISMATCH


Any tips on what I can do?

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Hi @IdleMuppet, I've saw this behaviour under some unusual circumstances. In my case the user display name included some special characters like ä, ü, ö or ß.

Perhaps it is a hint for you.

@IdleMuppet, You could maybe try a new policy and assign to your account but outside of that that’s only other thing I could think it could be.

@Mallipriya_MSFT I have now tested with a new policy, and unfortunately it does not help.

@IdleMuppet, For issues related to teams product, please reach out to the Product support channels for Microsoft Teams.




Did you ever find a solution for this? I have a user who is experiencing the exact same issue.