24 hours recording 1-to-1 PSTN call

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I now that 1-to-1 PSTN calls can be recorded bij clicking on the red button (manually).


Is it possible to record PSTN-calls 24-hours fora specific teams-user

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@Steven Collier or @RealTime_M365 - can you assist here?



I guess you can, but I can't really imagine why you would. Each recording can only be 4 hours long, but it will restart a new recording if it's still going, see Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


What's the business requirement for this, there must be a better option?

@Steven Collier thanks for your response 


The business requirement is to record 24 hours a special Teams user, Call Queue or phone number.


This has to do with possible threats from callers and is therefore also set up in the current 'traditional' environment.


You would need the third party compliance recording solution to record the solution. Using that all the calls could be recorded using the solution.

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@RealTime_M365 Agreed, the native Teams recording has to be started by the organiser for every call, it's not a compliance solution to ensure all calls are recorded.


There are many cloud hosted compliance solutions that can record Teams calls, a list is available at Introduction to Teams Policy-based Recording for Calling & Meetings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Le...

Thanks for your responses, answers are clear :)