Problem with OLE (Bookmarks) in Word for MAC on Monterey v.12.1 and Word for Mac v.16.56 (21121100)

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I seem to have lost the linkage between the OLE framework and the data that it usually imports into a document that I have used since the dawn of time.  Well at least since NT.


Unfortunately, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this and Microsoft Tech Support (1&2) do not recognize this as a problem or a bug.  I last successfully used this Word feature on 11/13 but there probably have been a couple of updates to Word since then.  


Anyone seen anything like this?



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@AKLgmailcom Something similar here. Every excel tables embebbed in my doc files doesn't appear in screen nor print. I can edit the content of the tables, but they remain invisible. At this moment, hundreds of technical files of my projects are totally unusable.

My bet is that this condition points to a bug introduced after 11/13/21.



I have this problem too. However it’s an issue with MS Word 16.56 not MacOS 12.1. I have an older system running MacOS Catalina and the problem occurs on this in word 16.56. My workaround was to revert to an earlier version of Word.


Thank you for the workaround suggestion. Appreciate it.

Yes, @AKLgmailcom , I think you're right. Uninstalled Word 16.56 and downloaded 15.55. My word docs are here again with their excel tables visible and printable.


No news from Microsoft, however.

Definitely waiting for news from Microsoft. I think it is clear that there is a bug in their OLE framework.