Manage the group setting "Allow all members to contribute" default statut

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Is there a way to manage the default status for the group setting "Allow all members to contribute"  ?


This setting can only be manually managed from Stream and it is activated by default.


We are working with the Office 365 environment. As a consequence, the Stream users tend to use groups that have been created in other applications such as Yammer or Teams.

Most of the time they forget to switch off the group setting "Allow all members to contribute", which leads to situations that weren't intended :

  • members can add videos to the group as they want
  • if the group is owner of a video, all members can edit/delete/download the video (not just the group owners)

For us, it would be best to switch off this feature (by default).


Thank you for your help

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Since there is not currently a public API for Microsoft Stream you can use, you can only configure this setting manualy for each video channel

That's too bad


Do you know if the "Public APIs" feature that belongs to the roadmap will cover this need ? 

It's currently very vague: 

Microsoft Stream: Public APIs

Enable basic programmatic capabilities (upload, edit, fetch, display) for Microsoft Stream via APIs.

I share the concern - people might be tying channels and uploading videos to existing (e.g. Yammer) groups with their owners not knowing anything about it. Having the ability to turn off the "Allow members to contribute" option by default would make sense. Add to User Voice?

@Aude Chevassus-More 


Where do you even find this setting?  I can't even locate it in either the Stream admin console or the Azure AD console.


The option is located on the group settings in Stream. Only the owner can change it.

By default, activate and allow member to contribute.


Would be great to clarify the impacts of putitng off this opition regarding the Team group.