When will have mobile app for Stream?

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O365 Video has the mobile App. Why Stream no mobile App?

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Now the app is available on both platforms, it would be interesting to hear the usage statistics @Marc Mroz.  I love the idea of the app - just not sure if it makes things better or more confusing for the end-user.

(The use-case example given earlier in the thread was for a field worker to watch a "how to fix something" video.)  Would I expect my field workers to know when to launch their normal work app versus a Stream mobile app? 

What features does the app give me versus using the browser?

The main benefit of the Stream mobile app over the browser are:

  • Stored login credentials - to avoid needing to login as often as you might on the browser
  • Offline playback without internet - download a video inside the app and go offline
  • Intune management
  • Deep link to open video directly in the app

In the future we'll expand the scope of the mobile app to encompass the following possible things which could add more value beyond the web version in the browser...

  • Upload and quick edit
  • Notifications 
  • Podcast type features

Adding @Dwyane George who is the PM on our team for the Stream mobile app.

Stream for iOS is now available in the App Store. We've been recently unblocked by Apple and customers with Stream licenses can use the apps today.


As Marc called out above, the main benefit of building a native mobile app versus directing customers to the web browser is the benefit of providing richer experiences that leverage native platform functionality (eg: push notifications, experiences that leverage cached or offline content, biometric authentication such as FaceTime, performance benefits derived from less memory/runtime overhead (no browser between you and the OS), and platform extensions that rely on native capabilities such as Intune to name a few).


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Now that the app is out for most mobile platforms it would really good to have the 'Cast' feature added.


I have a very high number of users of Stream but use the tool for training and would be good to cast it to a remote TV that does not have any smart connectivity.


You can cast from the chrome web browser but we do not normally have a laptop in the are were we are training. Being able to cast form the app would make this tool just that much more versatile.