Office 365 Tenant Migration (Stream Videos)

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I am performing a Office 365 tenant to tenant migration and i have the challenge with Stream videos.

I did not find a tool for that and i am thinking in a way to download all content from Stream using powershell.


Anyone has a good idea to do that? All suggestions are welcome :smile:


Thanks in advance,




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@Felipe Moreno  There is no Microsoft Stream API, so no tool can help and no PowerShell script. Tenant to tenant migration is currently a manual task - download, upload, title and description, set permissions, transcript.

Thank you for your answer @Tomislav Karafilov 

I think we will have a lot of work to do to download and upload the videos.



@Felipe Moreno and @Tomislav Karafilov 

I face the same issue.


Are there any tools (PowerShell/Graph API) etc that can produce a list of the Stream content so we might do the "manual" process centrally or at least get the data so we can advise the impacted users?


I ran the "report" under Manage User Data for my own ID and it is a comprehensive set of data, I would just need basics like userid, video name, date.


Any pointers would be appreciated.




@Paul_SavenijeWith not having an API there is no tool and sadly no Stream Connector for Power Automate from Microsoft currently provided. You can monitor the activity log by API (PowerShell / …)  and fill your own data store with the required informations over time. I think the entries are there for only 30 days.

@Felipe Moreno Hi, you need to use the third party apps to do this migration easily between tenants. Let me know if you need help. 

@SanthoshB1There are third party apps to migrate Microsoft Stream videos? Without an official API to access Microsoft Stream videos? Do you have an example?

I do not know any tool that can perform it today. If you have some tip, share with us, please  :)

Me and @Tomislav Karafilov are anxious to receive some update.

@Felipe Moreno Apps4Pro migration manager migrates stream videos from one tenant to another. 

@SanthoshB1  Have you used this tool? Cann`t find a video that shows that or a test license to do an own test. Would love to test it.

@Tomislav Karafilov I'm having the same pain, I need to move my Stream videos to other tenant, and I've signed up for Apps4.Pro's 15 days trial license.


Everything seems to be working fine, but the automatic migration only works for videos inside one channel (in the free trial). If you have private videos (like the ones from Teams Meetings recordings), they won't be moved, so make sure to put all the videos you want to migrate in the same channel.

@Tomislav Karafilov I am working for this company. Please DM me and I will help you. 

@danyel117 The app will migrate the private videos (Teams meeting recordings) as well. 

@SanthoshB1 You have a DM and I saw the "try it for free" hint on the products page now. Thank you!

Hi @SanthoshB1, could you please explain me how could I migrate private videos? I don't seem to find the option.


Thank you!

@danyel117 Yes, it is possible. I will send you the details. 

@SanthoshB1 can I have those details as well? I'm facing the same situation, so any help will be more than appreciated.



@SanthoshB1Thanks for the information. I am also looking for a tool that could migrate from O365 video portal in one tenant to MS streams in a different tenant.

Is it possible with apps4pro?




@Prateep Hi, Do you mean the legacy Office 365 Video portal to Stream?


@SanthoshB1Yes. Legacy O365 video portal to MS streams in a different tenant.