Reset Microsoft 365 developer tenant

Reset Microsoft 365 developer tenant



 Apr 04 2024

I am using Microsoft 365 e5 dev subscription to test the m365 platform and features, and to experiment with stuff separate from my personal data. Mainly I use this for MS graph, m365 admin, and teams, along with some power apps.


As I had 4 renewals already, and my tenant is getting messed up as I use it more often, it would make sense to reset tenant with option to reinstall sample packs. But since the blog post I don't have a vs subscription nor having the criteria mentioned.


I think there should be a clarification whether If the user is still qualified for m365 dev tenant request if I delete profile and create a new one as part of resetting my dev tenant. Despite they do not meet with the criteria mentioned in the blog but they have renewed their subscription automatically for a long time?