Add support for Blazor WASM for Office Add-in

Add support for Blazor WASM for Office Add-in



 Apr 26 2022
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I really LOVE Blazor WASM

In the bank where I am working I have already created 7 medium to large applications using hosted Blazor wasm.


As I understand it, it's the webview that office are using that don't have support for Blazor.

Are you planning to add support for Blazor? I hope so.

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Hopefully official guidance will be released soon. In the meantime, the community is working on proof of concepts, as per this sample that's underway: Office Add-in built on Blazor WASM Web Technologies by aafvstam · Pull Request #303 · OfficeDev/Offi...

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There is a huge demand for this. It's just people developing corporate solutions for office are less likely to speak out. It's about time to have true alternative to VBA without JS overhead. I would love to see VS Code in place of ScriptLab and .NET in place of Node.js