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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Step Filter: The Step Filter is a Microsoft Power BI visual that simplifies filtering for users with its configurable options and autoplay function. It's great for storytelling and creating impressive presentations.
Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience: Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience provides IT teams with insights and automation to detect and resolve issues, optimize performance, and improve employee experiences. It collects data from endpoints, workplace analytics, and employee sentiment and applies machine learning to drive self-healing remediation for better productivity.
Autocomplete Filter by BI-Champ: This slicer uses autocompletion to efficiently filter text fields. It offers multiple filtering options, fuzzy matching, and more than 57 settings for behavior and formatting. The visual is free for single-user use in Microsoft Power BI Desktop, with shared and site licensing available.
Crime Insights Powered by SAS: SAS and Zencos offer a turnkey analytical reporting solution that integrates and surfaces NIBRS data for law enforcement agencies. The solution provides preconfigured visual crime analysis tools, empowering users to provide rapid feedback on crime trends, unlock insights, and identify patterns of criminal activity in the community.
Revenue Grid Revenue Intelligence: Revenue Intelligence is a B2B selling concept that helps sales teams drive revenue with adaptive data-driven notifications. It provides pipeline visibility, control over the sales process, signals to push deals forward, just-in-time coaching, and CRM integration for real-time data capture.
UnifyCloud India Advanced Infrastructure Migration Plan and Automated Landing Zone: UnifyCloud India's infrastructure assessment uses Cloud Atlas to analyze on-premises environments in minutes, generating a customizable cloud strategy report with recommendations, costs, and migration options. The report includes a holistic view of current infrastructure, cost estimates, and insights to maximize benefits and minimize waste. No prerequisites are required, and the assessment can be accessed online.
Raffle Search and Chat: Raffle is an AI-powered search and chat engine that simplifies data and content management. It reduces the need for customer support by enabling users to quickly find the answers they need on their own. Raffle offers valuable insights into user data and is available in over 99 languages.
App for ESG Data Collection: ESG Data Collection for Microsoft Power Apps automates manual processes of dispersed ESG data collection, supporting compliance with ESG and local environmental law regulations. It integrates with Microsoft Sustainability Manager and other external tools, centralizing data in a common format for transfer to ESG reporting tools. The app supports reduction of environmental impacts and emissions and increases operational efficiency for entities preparing ESG reporting.
UnifyCloud India Database Modernization Assessment for SQL, MySQL, Mongo, and Maria DBAs: CloudPilot analyzes applications, databases, and dependencies to determine cloud readiness and provides recommendations for adaptation. It saves time and provides cost comparison between on-premises and cloud environments. The tool ensures best coding practices, minimizes server downtime, and maintains compliance. It covers over 70 percent of popular coding languages and can migrate various database types.
UnifyCloud India Microsoft Azure Cybersecurity Assessment: UnifyCloud India's Cloud Atlas cybersecurity assesses installed cybersecurity solutions, risk management policies, and processes. It adheres to the zero trust model and offers insight into Microsoft 365 and Azure secure scores to create an actionable improvement plan with regular refreshes. This offer is available only in India.
UnifyCloud India Advanced Infrastructure Assessment, Dependency, Migration Plan, and 6R Analysis: UnifyCloud India's infrastructure assessment uses Cloud Atlas to analyze on-premises environments in minutes, generating a customizable cloud strategy report with recommendations, costs, and migration options. The report includes a holistic view of current infrastructure, cost estimates, and insights to maximize benefits and minimize waste. No prerequisites are required, and the assessment can be accessed online.
UnifyCloud India Oracle to PostgreSQL Modernization Assessment: UnifyCloud India offers safe, secure, and compliant cloud migration and modernization services. Its Cloud Atlas platform provides analytics and insights to migrate Oracle database environments to PostgreSQL open-source technology on Microsoft Azure. The platform generates a detailed recommendation based on automated analysis of Oracle environments, ensuring adherence to best practices for reliable and effective operation in Azure. This offer is available only in India.
UnifyCloud India Application Modernization Assessment for .NET, PHP, Java, and Phyton Apps: CloudPilot analyzes applications at the code level to determine their readiness for migration to cloud environments. It provides comprehensive reports and recommendations for adapting applications, databases, and dependencies to function in a cloud environment. Benefits include cost comparison and establishment of a cloud-based environment for development and deployment. The tool supports over 70 percent of popular coding languages and various database types.
UnifyCloud India Advanced Infrastructure Assessment, Dependency, and Migration Plan: UnifyCloud India's infrastructure assessment and dependency uses Cloud Atlas to analyze on-premises environments in minutes, generating a customizable cloud strategy report with recommendations, costs, and migration options. The report includes a holistic view of current infrastructure, modernization options, cost estimates, and personalized migration and infrastructure dependency strategies. No prerequisites are required, and the analysis can be accessed online with provided credentials.
Feedloop AI: Feedloop AI is a no-code platform that allows enterprises to deploy their own AI Co-Pilot. With features like the Infinity Engine and easy trainability, AI Co-Pilot delivers personalized interactions, optimizes time, simplifies preparation, and streamlines business processes. It enhances context memory, internalizes knowledge sources, and fine-tunes responses based on specific cases. Build, deploy, and monitor your AI Co-Pilot without complex coding. Revolutionize your internal capabilities and user engagement with Feedloop AI.
Ridgeline Plot by Powerviz: Powerviz's Ridgeline Plot is a data visualization tool that displays the distribution of numeric variables for multiple categories along a common continuous axis. It allows for quick comparisons and showcases how the patterns of distributions change across different categories, time periods, or scenarios. The tool offers multiple distribution, ridge style, scaling, vibrant colors, conditional formatting, and more. It is useful for time series data, statistical analysis, and distribution data. 

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Data Lakehouse: 40-Day Kickstart: This offer from Dimensional Strategies includes a tailored data strategy, data ingestion and cleansing, data curation, data modeling, advanced data preparation, interactive dashboards, advanced analytics, and user training using Microsoft Power BI for insightful decision-making.
Copilot Modern Work as a Service: Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-driven offering that helps organizations adopt AI-enabled solutions. Sulava's fixed-monthly-fee service spans three phases, including preparation, deployment, and continuous development. It incorporates expertise in security, governance, ethics, and legal considerations, and it includes training services and support. The offer is subscription-based, and the price presented is for one month.
Intelligent Intranet: 3-Month Implementation: Agilisys offers a Microsoft 365 intelligent intranet for local government, healthcare, police, and financial services customers. The solution is built using SharePoint Online, Viva Connections, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Entra ID. Customers will enjoy a new intranet that surfaces the right information and connections to the right people in the flow of their work.
Chatbot in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Smart Consulting offers a one-day training program to teach beginners how to develop intelligent chatbots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. The workshop includes practical exercises and interaction with experts. The goal is to create sophisticated chatbots that can solve common problems and answer questions around the clock. 
Data and Analytics Accelerator: Idea 11's Data and Analytics Accelerator is a secure, scalable, and flexible data lakehouse solution built on Microsoft Azure Databricks Lakehouse and Microsoft Power BI for intelligence, analysis, and reporting. It provides a foundational data and analytics platform that delivers real business value quickly. The solution integrates an initial selection of an organization's data sources to enable data analysis and establish the foundations of integrating systems with the data lakehouse. Reports targeted against an initial use case accelerate business value from the data lakehouse.
Viva Glint: 8-Week Implementation: Microsoft Viva Glint is a people success platform that helps organizations increase employee engagement and improve results. Engage Squared's offer includes four stages of a program to establish a feedback program across the organization, underpinned by a comprehensive change management support program. The Engage Squared team can also support organizations at any stage of their Viva Glint and employee engagement journey.
Password-less Authentication: 2-Week Implementation: Multi-factor password-less authentication using Microsoft Windows Hello and Microsoft Intune simplifies login for Microsoft 365, enhances security, and accelerates user onboarding. IT partner responsibilities include choosing the appropriate solution, configuring user profiles and devices, and providing self-setup instructions. Success criteria include configuring Microsoft Intune to allow two-factor PC authentication without a password and successful adoption by employees.
Data Lakehouse: 60-Day Kickstart: Dimensional Strategies' offer includes comprehensive data strategy and implementation, source data ingestion, data cleansing and curation, Microsoft Power BI data modeling, advanced data preparation, advanced analytics and predictive insights, custom solutions, governance and security, change management, and user training. It aims to equip teams with advanced Power BI and Microsoft Fabric skills for ongoing success.
Power BI Sherpa: 10-Week Implementation: JourneyTEAM offers implementation services for Microsoft Power BI. The Sherpa project involves workshops, coaching, and best practice assessment to guide your employees through the implementation process.
Power Platform: 2-Week Proof of Concept: IMPERIUM DYNAMICS' service offers customized proof of concept development for customer relationship scenarios. The process includes a kick-off meeting, design approach, development, and a demo before production deployment.
App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Learn to create custom business apps without coding using Microsoft Power Platform technologies - Power Apps and Power Automate. Nubes Systems and Technology offers a comprehensive one-day training with practical hands-on experience. The lab is divided into four modules covering Power Apps Canvas App, Microsoft Dataverse, Power Apps Model-driven Apps, and Power Automate. Build custom apps for mobile devices and share them securely within your organization.
Office 365 Security and Protection: 2-Week Implementation: IT Weapons' solution offers email and identity protection, incident response, and malicious link protection. The implementation includes initial review, policy configuration, and ongoing policy tuning. Daily risk reports and quarterly reviews with security experts are included. Microsoft 365 licenses with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 are required.
RPA in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Smart Consulting offers automation training in Portuguese. The beginner-level course teaches Microsoft Power Automate for automation purposes, including digital process automation and robotic process automation. The workshop includes lab exercises and interaction between students and teachers. The one-day course covers Power Automate capabilities, AI Builder form processing models, and Cloud Flows orchestration. The course is available live on Teams or in-person for up to 20 participants.
Data Lakehouse: 20-Day Kickstart: Dimensional Strategies' solution includes data assessment, source data ingestion, data cleansing and curation, data modeling, basic Microsoft Power BI dashboards, and training to empower teams with essential Microsoft Fabric and Power BI skills and knowledge. Quick opportunities for improvement are identified and data artifacts are aligned to business needs and goals. Simple dashboards and reports are developed to visualize key metrics.
HR Analytics Solution: Dimensional Strategies' solution offers a comprehensive data model for HR analytics, including data pipelines for secure data engineering and best practice reports for each stage of the employee journey.
Microsoft Teams Contact Center Consultancy: Symity specializes in providing end-to-end design, deployment, adoption, and support services for Microsoft Teams telephony, contact centers, and apps globally. It offers a unique Contact Center Art of the Possible workshop to help clients improve customer service and experience through efficient handling of communications and interactions with seamless integration to Teams. Symity is a trusted partner with a proactive approach and agile attitude, ensuring clients see true value in their investment in Microsoft technologies.
Dynamics 365 Grants Management: 1-Day Workshop: MNP Digital offers a free one-day Grants Management Workshop that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Catalyst design thinking to streamline the grant management process. The workshop helps organizations create a better experience for fund applicants, digitize grant submission and review processes, manage grants more effectively, improve program measurement, and identify and implement systems and solutions. Pricing is variable based on requirements and integration points.

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