Helping new Teams guest users with old devices

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I am fairly new to Teams and indeed most of the enterprise style apps on 365. I'm fairly good picking things up tech wise, but am really struggling to help one of my guests on Teams to access the team, as she has an older iPad and phone that doesn't seem to be able to download Teams either. I've just tried accessing the browser version on my phone and it says it's not compatible with my browser version. Can anyone help me understand whether an older iPad browser might be able to access the browser version or if there is another way to let her access the team she is invited to?
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Check and see if you are able to install Microsoft Edge?
If yes, try using it to access Microsoft Teams web access.
You may try update the device and then attempt to install Microsoft Teams app.
Thanks Reza, I'll suggest this. It should work with all browsers though, sometimes Microsoft stuff can come across as too niche!!