Power Automate Use case - Build an Asset Manager Process
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Build an Asset Manager ProcessBuild an Asset Manager Process

Who is this session aimed at?
This session is targeted to anyone interested in diving deep and learning more about using Power Automate to build solutions for their specific scenario, here we look at the Asset Management use case.


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Our Use Case



Things to consider when building an app

Before you build an application, you should have some thought and break down what you want to do before building. This process is often called "Solution Architecting". While we will not be taking a lot of time doing this, I would like to introduce you to the basics of it.


In our session case we will look at:




The Middleware

The middleware will be Microsoft Power Automate which will allow us to configure the background processes that the admins will need to set up approval request for an example. Below is the image of Power Automate studio where we will be building the Middleware.




The Process Flow

When configuring a process that your Power Automate flow must follow, there is usually some set of steps business stakeholders often ask the automation builder to implement. 



Hadeel Shubair
Hadeel is a Regional Cloud Advocate and Data Analytics Engineer for Microsoft, Middle East/Africa region. She holds a Master’s degree in Data Analytics and is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge on tech topics including Data Analytics, AI, & ML. Before joining Microsoft, Hadeel held several appointments and roles including Google Women in Tech scholar through which she delivered several sessions to the community to motivate and empower young talents. Hadeel also served as part of the Data & Communications team overlooking the organization of the World Government Summit. On the other side, while at University, Hadeel chaired the Women in Engineering club, and was the Chief Editor of the Engineering Newsletter.
As a Cloud Advocate for the Microsoft Reactor, Hadeel’s main goal is to take you on a journey to understand & learn more about Data and AI concepts and applications. She's passionate about technology, education, & growing the Data & AI community across the region.


Someleze Diko
Someleze is a young individual that is passionate about upskilling people from different communities using the different technologies at his disposal through being involved with initiatives that upskill and empower people.
Today, he is an M365 and Power Platform Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focusing on upskilling students and communities through the Microsoft Power Platform. 



Now that you have followed this process to build your own application (from this session and the previous one). make sure you save your changes and do the following:

Take a Screenshot of your Process Flow and the PowerApp

  1. Challenge yourself with this project: Build a booking requests app with Power Apps and Power Automate
  2. Post the project we built during the sessions (the Asset Manager App) and the project on number 1 on your Twitter and LinkedIn and tag myself and Hadeel to share your learnings.


We want to hear from you based on your learning experience through the series. Your feedback will help us to improve your experience with the Power Platform Products. Click here to drop your feedback





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