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Graham Keellings

Am I missing something?


I want to develop a web add-in for Outlook. I would like to launch it from a button on the ribbon, but it seems that doesn't have a ribbon?!


Am I missing something? I want to develop an add-in which runs both in the desktop version and online - how can I do that with no ribbon online?


(and, as an aside, I can't see a "Store" button on my 2016 pro client, so how can I sideload my app on the desktop?)

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There is no ribbon for outlook web. Your add-in appears in ribbon for outlook desktop, while in outlook web, it shows either as pinning button or as an item in context menu. Please checkout this article for details. 
If there is no "Store" button, please try to see if you can find the "Get Add-ins" button which has similar function. If it is still not there, please check if you are in compose mode. The button doesn't show up if you are in compose.

Also the following article provides more details on the add-ins experience in the old vs new experience.

I am revising this, after quite a while.


I played around with a simple demo - - which is easy enough to follow.


On the desktop version, I see the icons on the ribbon (which is what I want), while in I see it on both the read pane and the compose pane.  That doesn't really fit in with the functionality or the add-in. Is there no way to launch it when neither reading nor composing?


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