Ongoing FSLogix Profile Issues

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We have recently gone live with a WVD setup of 2 Session hosts using FSlogix's profiles on an Azure File Server VM. 


It's not a massive deployment. Maximum of 38 users with general usage 10-15 at any one time. 


However, we are having never-ending issues of one sort or another. Primarily relating to profiles.  It seems like all is well for a few days then everything falls apart. The profiles stop connecting and users are unable to log in we need to reboot the servers to resolve. 


The general error we are seeing is:

fslogix failed to open virtual disk the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process 0x20


To try to simplify things, we have shut down one host altogether and loaded all users onto 1 VM because of the unreliability of the profiles connecting. However, while this ran fine for a few days we are back to the same issue. 


It is critical we can get some kind of stability before the customer relationship goes south altogether, 


I would appreciate any help you might be able to provide. 


I would post more thorough logs but at this time I can't even RDP to the machine to get them! 

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@R_AkersHey, how are things going?  Haven't seen any updates lately and wanted to see if you were having better success.



Hi Jason,


Thanks for checking in, i'm still having a few issues but i'm currently trying to deal with the hell that has become Microsoft support... Its been a month with them and they have been of little help beyond suggesting enabling concurrent sessions on a test account...


Once I get a bit of an update I'll post it here .



Did you get any reply from Microsoft on your issues? We seem to be having the same problems aswell..

The experience with Microsoft support was slow and tedious however what does seem to have stabilised it considerably was increasing the resources. I swapped from a B8MS although the resource usage seemed fine and I was accruing plenty CPU credits to a D8 and the issue seems to have gone away,

I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not, could I ask what VM size you are using?

@R_Akers We are using D16sv3 VM's.  Keep in mind that the speed of storage I/O is dependent on the VM sizing as well so it is possible that the VM was too slow.

That might well be it. We have since put together a larger deployment and wen't straight to the D16sv3 and have had no issues like the previous one.
Quick question if you don't mind what VM are you using for your profile storage?