Window resize for Remote Desktop

Window resize for Remote Desktop



 Aug 24 2022

Resizing Remote Desktop on a Mac OS host is always frustrating, and never works like I think it should. 


I have Remote Desktop connected and run an app in not-full-screen-mode on the Windows box.

I try to resize the screen to the shape and location. 


When I pull the lower right hand corner resizer, I expect the desktop in the screen to stay where it is, and be able to pull the bottom right corner to the point on the app I want to focus on. But instead the background moves when I move the resize box. I wish I could use the scroll bars to set the upper left hand corner and then use the bottom right windows resize puller to set the lower right hand corner. It would be easy, and I'd be done, instead of having to tweak the width of the screen, use the vertical and horizontal scrollers, tweak size, scroll, etc... to get it just where I want it.


Don't know what I mean? Try it, open a non-fullscreen window, and try to show only that window in Remote Desktop in not-full-screen mode.


[I hope this is the right place for this; this is the forum I was dropped into by Remote Desktop's "Submit Feedback" menu option]