stuck on "configuring remote pc" after first connection

stuck on "configuring remote pc" after first connection



 May 13 2022
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Hello I have tested the android app RD Client on play store but after first run successfull I don't have any way to rerun because the screen stay with message "configuring remote PC...".

Other android app work well with my rd instance don't have this issue.

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I have the same issue,  though an alternative rdp app on the play store "aRDP" still works fine.


And the Microsoft App can connect to some of my remote desktops, but not my Windows 11 in my local network.


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same as @jfrandol said

not my Windows 11 in my local network.

but windows 10 local and remote instance

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Me too

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It appears to be a problem with the app. If you are trying to connect to an older PC, before it connects it has a screen that says "Identity of remote PC can't be verified." If you check the box "Never ask again for connections to this PC" and then connect, you will never be able to connect again (for my XP computer, Windows 10 computer still connected). Apparently, it prevents asking and answering the question when it should automatically answer "Connect." The only solution I found on my Android was to delete all the App data (App Info, Storage, Clear Data). You lose all your connection data (PC's, Gateways, and User Accounts) so you're starting all over.