Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android - App Feedback

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android - App Feedback



 Nov 22 2023



I have some feedback for the Microsoft Remote Desktop Android app on original Surface Duo.


  1. When screen is off, I am unable to interact with the external display Remote Desktop app.
  2. When using external display, SwiftKey keeps popping up a permanent window overlay when using a physical keyboard. The settings are configured to not show up, but it does. Toggling the keyboard button on the static overlay from Remote Desktop app will close it again, but it comes right back when I use the physical keyboard again. Pretty sure it's a bug with Remote Desktop app.
  3. Unable to recognize mouse buttons (middle click, back button, forward button)
  4. I want to completely disable mouse acceleration. I can disable it inside the Windows WVD but it is also present on Android. Can you please allow Remote Desktop to completely disable mouse acceleration on both host OS (Android) as well as remote OS?
  5. External display - There is a red dot in the middle of the screen that flashes. It is somewhat annoying but easy to ignore.
  6. Passing through audio, e.g. when using Windows desktop Teams app in a WVD, people complain of poor microphone quality from me and sometimes it sounds like I am in a windtunnel. I am using an official Microsoft Teams headset. Side note, it would be great if the mute button on my headset would mute Teams inside the WVD, also the other functionality passing through to Teams in the WVD would be awesome.
  7. External display - Alt-tab does not pass through to the WVD, it switches "apps" on the Android OS.
  8. External display - Windows key on the keyboard does not pass through to the WVD, it performs a function on the Android OS only.
  9. Every so often, it will crash and I have to force close the app on Android before it will let me reconnect.
  10. Probably more, please reach out.