macOS beach ball hang on reconnect

macOS beach ball hang on reconnect



 Feb 01 2024

Kind of a duplicate of but I'm making the subject more generic since this happens across many recent versions.


I sometimes get disconnected from a session over an RDP Gateway (maybe not the app's fault) but then when I reconnect, I get a black session window and a beach ball cursor. Then, I have to force quit. It connects fine after a force quit.


I don't see this hang with local connections that do not use the gateway and can make new connections locally after the disconnect (but before I try to reconnect to the host behind the gateway).


One factor may be Duo MFA on the gateway but I can't test without that easily.


Happens with:

10.8.3 (2098) on macOS 13.4

10.9.5 (2179) on macOS 14.3