Link in setting for vDesktop useless

Link in setting for vDesktop useless



 Jul 14 2023

When you right click on on the icon for the vDesktop and select setting.  The side bar pops out for the different settings at the bottom there is a link that says, "Need help with settings?".  When you click on the link it has zero information about the settings.  It goes to a page about where and how to get and install the various clients.  Again zero information on settings.  If I have already gotten to the point where I could click on the link to the page, all the info is irrelevant.  The app is already installed.  How about fixing the link to point to help with the settings.  None of htem seem to work except default settings.  It will only open the session on the main monitor in very low resolution.  Who uses 640X480 anymore?  If I unselect default display settings, any changes I make try to sprawl the display across all of the displays.  Not very handy.  Perhaps put in a good link that describes all the settings.