Azure DevOps Build Agents Demands Error

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Hi Dear

I have migrated TFS 2017 to AzureDev-ops on Premises. Every thing is migrated. Everything is working fine with existing DB. only build are failing.
Build agent I have installed on build server is 2.181.2.

When I run any build definition it throws an error "##[error]No agent found in pool Default which satisfies the following demand: java. All demands: DotNetFramework, java, Agent.Version -gtVersion 2.119.1**

I have Java 11 installed on build agent and also set it in Environment variables.

And I don't know why in the error its saying agent Version 2.119.1.

Even though in Agent capabilities it is


Also DotNet framework 4.7 and 4.8 is already installed on build agent.

Also as its Pre-Prd environment so I don't have internet connection there so all agent I installed offline using config.cmd.

I can see agents running and connected.
Any Idea.

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