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Recently I have been exploring the Windows Admin Center and I have found it useful as an application developer. Here is a short post to highlight an issue I encountered to hopefully save someone time troubleshooting the issue.


The resolution was simple but as a application developer my first reaction was to search for an answer instead of reading the error message.


Once the Windows Admin Center is installed, a summary of connections is shown. In my case, I only have a single Windows 10 development machine.




When I attempted to connect to the pc, I received a connection error: WinRM cannot process the request.




My first response was pop it in a search and I started to come across fixes requiring opening ports, enabling ps remoting, and other fixes. For me, it was as simple as setting the user to make the connection. This is done via the Manage as option:


Here you can specify the credentials of an administrator account on the machine being connected to:




Silly really but my lesson I learned is think before you search...


Great, so now that I have access, I get a rich experience of the performance of the dev machine:



Including interactive charts:



Some other features that are handy is quick editing of features:




Another great feature I appreciate is the view over certificates:



Anyway, just a quick post to encourage exploring the Windows Admin Center and hopefully help a dev or two get started.


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