Propelling the Aerodynamics of Enterprise Innovation: Announcing the Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP
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We are excited to announce the launch of Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP. This software development kit (SDK) is designed to provide SAP ABAP developers with the tools they need to create intelligent enterprise applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.


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Engineered with a deep understanding of developers' needs, the Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP presents an intuitive interface that effortlessly brings AI capabilities to your ABAP applications. This toolkit offers an exciting avenue to tap into the power of Azure OpenAI. And this is just the beginning — our commitment to progress promises the inclusion of even more AI engines in future versions.


Azure OpenAI, the crown jewel of Microsoft Azure's offerings, is a powerhouse of AI services and tools. It is your passport to harnessing machine learning algorithms, leveraging advanced natural language processing tools, and exploring versatile cognitive services. Its vast suite of tools paves the way for the creation of intelligent applications that excel in pattern detection, natural language processing, and data-driven predictions. Azure OpenAI grants you access to an array of pre-built AI models and algorithms, along with custom model training and deployment tools, all under the umbrella of stringent security, compliance, and data privacy standards.


With the AI SDK for SAP ABAP and Azure OpenAI integration with SAP, developers are on the brink of a new frontier. Now you have the power to craft innovative applications that can revolutionize the enterprise landscape by automating mundane tasks, bolstering smarter business decisions, and providing a more personalized customer experience. It's more than a development kit — it's your passport to an exciting future of technological evolution for enterprises running on the SAP platform.



The Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP v1.0 is not just a toolset, it's an innovation accelerator, an efficiency propellant. Designed for ABAP developers, it supercharges their workflows, slashing the time taken to integrate cutting-edge AI capabilities. With its streamlined integration process and ABAP-ready data types, developers can fast-track their tasks and concentrate on their real mission - crafting intelligent, transformative applications. This is no ordinary toolkit; it's your express lane to the future of enterprise software development.


  • Extensive Capabilities: It provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities, including Models, Deployment, Files, Fine-Tuning, and Completion (GPT3), along with Chat Completion (GPT4) capabilities.

  • ABAP-Ready Data Types: We've simplified the integration process for ABAP developers by offering ABAP-ready data types. This feature substantially lowers the entry barriers, enabling developers to leverage the SDK with ease.

  • Azure OpenAI Support: The SDK is fully compatible with Azure OpenAI, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

  • Enterprise Control: To safeguard sensitive data, we've incorporated a robust enterprise control mechanism, offering three levels of control granularity. Enterprises can effectively manage SDK usage by implementing policies to permit or block specific functionalities. For instance, an organization could use authorizations to designate a user group capable of performing setup operations (Deployment, Files, and Fine-Tuning), while enabling all users to utilize the Completions functionality.

  • Flexible Authentication: The SDK supports authentication using either Azure OpenAI Keys or Azure Active Directory (AAD), providing users with a secure and flexible approach to authentication.


In this age of relentless technological progress, AI is undeniably the cornerstone of enterprise software development's future. The Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP is a dynamic and transformative tool, purpose-built for SAP professionals. It's not just a toolkit; it's a supercharger for your innovative instincts, enabling you to build intelligent, data-centric applications. Our aim is to help businesses stay nimble and competitive in a marketplace where the pace of innovation is breakneck.

The launch of the Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP is a leap into the future. It encapsulates our commitment to fostering the symbiotic relationship between technology and business, nurturing an environment where the opportunities for innovation are limitless. As we unfurl this state-of-the-art tool, we can't wait to see the inventive applications that you, the talented developers working within the SAP ecosystem, will craft. The potential is staggering, poised to redefine how businesses operate and flourish.


And our commitment doesn't stop at providing you with the tools. We pledge unwavering support on your journey of discovery and innovation with the Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP. We're with you every step of the way — to guide, support, and celebrate as you traverse this transformative technological landscape. Let's stride boldly together into this new era of intelligent, data-driven enterprise solutions. The future is here, and it's brighter than ever.


Best Regards,

Gopal Nair -  Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft, - Author

Amit Lal - Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft  - Contributor


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Disclaimer: The announcement of the Microsoft AI SDK for SAP ABAP is intended for informational purposes only. Microsoft reserves the right to make adjustments or changes to the product, its features, availability, and pricing at any time without prior notice. This blog does not constitute a legally binding offer or guarantee of specific functionalities or performance characteristics. Please refer to the official product documentation and agreements for detailed information about the product and its use. Microsoft is deeply committed to the responsible use of AI technologies. It is recommended to review and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and organizational policies to ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI.

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