Azure Logic Apps plans: Consumption based vs Standard
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Azure Logic App is an integration service. It provides you the opportunity to create and run automated workflows that integrates with your application, data, services and systems etc. These workflows can be written with little to no code. While creating a logic apps, when we come across the logic apps plan, there are two choices. 

  1. Standard 
  2. Consumption based

This is an attempt to help make a decision by comparing both the plans at a high-level. Hopefully, this will be helpful and help me achieve my goal.


  Consumption based Standard
Pricing Plan Pay only for usage Based on a hosting plan
Hosting Infrastructure Multi-tenant/Shared Single tenant
Best suited for Entry-level, ad-hoc, for limited use Enterprise level
Number of workflows 1 Multiple
Virtual Network and Private Endpoint Support No Yes
VNET Integration  No Yes
Network Isolation No Yes


  • Trigger and action operations




  • Storage operations
  • Per execution, after free built-in operations.
  • Managed connector operations, per call
  • Unlimited, included in the plan.
  • Managed connector operations, per call
Charges applies only to data retention related storage consumption. Any storage operation run by logic app.
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