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 Jan 05 2020
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(suggestion at the bottom. I list the issues I have with current situation first. To understand why/what they are, before I explain how they can be fixed.)



I understand that games are sometimes released with errors, unfinished, etc so they usually have updates to download (even when the game immediately comes out), BUT games have hundreds of GBs of data JUST IN UPDATES. I literally buy the disc versions so they won't take up as much space. However even if the game is 110gb, only about 8-12gb is on the disc, and you still have to sit there and wait several hours (and this is with decent internet. I can't imagine the torture of living somewhere with slow internet speeds) for the game to download the other 100 plus gb of data.


You put in the disc and it tells you it has to update. It's technically NOT the update. It is downloading the Actual/original game.

The updates should be just that. Updates. Not the full/majority of the game. Maybe a few GBs here and there...

Just for the new Call of Duty game: I just searched and it says the whole game at the moment is 120GB file for Xbox One. So the disc is only about 10 GB?> The entirety of the game was originally only 10GB and they decided to fix it with 109.6 GB ?????? Obviously NOT

I understand that discs can only hold a certain amount of data, but if I'm choosing the disc version, that should include as much of the game as possible that can fit on the disc. And if they are going to force you to download the rest of the game, they should include multiple discs with the data already on it, so you don't have to sit there waiting for an internet download. They used to do disc 1, disc 2, etc for old systems like PS1. Doing that for current games shouldn't be that hard. They're attempting to save a little bit of money here and there by not making extra discs, but at that point, I don't want to buy more and more games because my system fills up with 2 or 3 games. So when they do create new games, why would I buy it when I have to uninstall my old games. Yes, I know I can buy external hard drives (it's also possible gaming consoles made agreements with game developers to intentionally do this, so the Console companies can make more money selling Hardware- hard drives etc) but this just makes me not want to buy another console. I would rather just put hardware money into my computer than buy another console.

What if I had MANY games. IF a 4TB external HDD wasn't enough. What if I had a few HDD's and most of the game data and updates from a game was on #1HDD and a new update/data couldn't fit/had to go on to #2HDD. Just makes things more complicated and messy.


A SUGGESTION FOR GAME DEVELOPERS/ CONSOLE DEVELOPERS. Instead of discs with only a small amount of the game on it: a flash drive or other type of hard drive (per game) that you can just insert into the console and the MAJORITY/ALL of the game is on it (and if updates need to be added in the future, they can be saved directly on THAT specific game's hard drive. So if you want to play it on a friend's console, or if you buy a new console, you DON'T have to sit through hours of downloads just to play the game. and every 5-10 games you don't have to buy a new TB hard drive. The console itself will be free of this excess data and can possibly perform better. instead of paying 60 per game, i'd rather spend 75 and have it include it's own hard/flash drive. Imagine opening a game box and instead of CD/BluRay discs it's a flash drive. Could be the future. (or another type of data storage device that can be inserted in or into console). USB flash drive is just the most common. Everything is moving towards USB-C. That's just my suggestion for improvement.


It can even come fancy looking and make it retro style. Like the slot games you have to insert on an n64, gameboy, etc.... but flash drive makes the most sense.. usbC. And instead of sticking out of the device on the side, maybe have it be a little more secure by opening a latch and inserting in and then closing the latch.


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Thanks for the suggestions! Our  broader team is responsible for localising the Games only. We do not decide on the delivery method to customers but we agree with your suggestion. We are going to follow up with the Games localisation team. They can hopefully tell us where best to direct this feedback to. We will revert back when we have news,