SCVMM 2016 - Bare Metal Deployment in a disjointed namespace fails

Eike Hillmann
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SCVMM 2016 - Bare Metal Deployment in a disjointed...



I have problems to run a bare metal deployment of a Hyper-V host successfully with SCVMM 2016 in a disjointed namespace infrastructure.The domain suffix differs from the dns suffix, for e.g. domain suffix: contoso.local but dns suffix: corp.contoso.com.

Within the bare metal process the SCVMM management server tries to connect to the host by the fqdn server.contoso.com but the dns record is server.corp.contoso.com. So the bare metal process gets a timeout after a while and finishes unsuccessfully.

Currently the only way is to configure a record in the local hosts file of the SCVMM 2016 management server. But I can't image that this the preferred solution.

Can anybody help?