best practice for managing software updates

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best practice for managing software updates


I'm trying to get a handle on what is the recommended approach to using SCCM to deploy updates such as Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java, Firefox etc.

I'm aware you can use 3rd party SCUP catalogs such as Ivanti (Shavlik) Patch, however, our IT support partners who manage this all for us, seem to constantly get the deployment wrong. It seems the can never deploy patches properly and the excuse always seems to be "well the user was logged in and they had their browser open"  ... or something along those lines.


I struggle to believe in this day and age you're unable to patch unless some very specific conditions are met. I would have expected that anything that attempts to update but can't for some reason (application open, etc.) - would simply wait until it is closed or when the user next logs out or in and applies the updates then. 


I'm at my wits end with our IT partners and am getting the feeling they just can't work out how to deploy updates in way that provides a good, seamless experience.


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Re: best practice for managing software updates

If you have  Ivanti then you should talk to them as to what the best way to deploy their software is. They can help configure your deployment to get as close to 100% deployment success as possible.  the Team over at patchmypc.net are also really great and it might be worth talking to them about their suggested practices fro deploying SU.


Re: best practice for managing software updates

thanks, we don't have Ivanti anymore. We are in the process of implementing Chocolatey.