What a year 2018 was for OneNote! The product team worked hard to bring you features across our platforms for a more reliable, personal, and powerful OneNote. From fun additions like stickers in Mac, to powerful features like insert picture from camera for web, we hope you enjoyed the work we did last year. Many of these features came directly from our users’ feedback, and the team is always grateful to have such passionate fans who are as dedicated to making OneNote awesome as we are.


Here is a sample list of features added in 2018 to help you use OneNote the way you need it:


  • Tag search
  • Roaming custom tags that sync across devices
  • Customizable settings from autocorrect options (web) to default paste options (Windows 10)
  • Support for small and large eraser sizes
  • Clipboard options to Home tab
  • Show/hide source link in settings when they copy/paste (Windows 10)
  • Recent notebook provider


While we worked hard to bring the list above (and more) to make OneNote a better tool for all users, we also added some features – like the ones listed below (and more!) – to make OneNote a more powerful tool for whatever you may need it for:


  • Faster sync
  • Faster search with improved indexer
  • Math capabilities, such as complex numbers in Math Solver, multiple functions on one graph, and Ink math assistant (web)
  • Accessibility checker
  • Office Lens in OneNote mobile (iOS)
  • PDF Printout: insert multiple files via drag-and-drop and the file picker
  • Copy link and share to section (web)
  • Roaming Ink toolbox
  • Lasso tool to select, move, resize in Ink mode on mobile (Android)
  • Table sorting in Mac
  • Sticky Notes synced in OneNote mobile


Thank you for following OneNote on an incredible journey in 2018. The product would not be what it is without you, our users and fans. We deeply appreciate your feedback and do take each of them to heart. As always, leave any comments down below and we look forward to making OneNote an even better tool for you to remember, think, organize, and achieve in 2019 and onward!

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Please add confirmation before removing notes. Also, add "Trash" so that removed notes can be easily restored.


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This was a very good year, there is the opportunity for an even better 2019!

  • Outlook integration to tasks
  • To Do integration
  • Whiteboard integration - used to be there on the Surface Hub :( 

OneNote needs to keep up as part of the broader workflow, notes > tasks > outcomes...

There is just so much more to equal the powerhouse the desktop version is,  but we're heading in the right direction!



Really great content. A thing I still miss right now is that I can not open a onenote from another tenant in Onenote this would be a great addition

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Don't forget the business users and bring keep "Send to OneNote" for emails and meeting notes in Outlook!

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When will one note work for shared one note in sharepoint 2013 on premise for example ?

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Hi Jee, it would also be great if you could select the "page" to be a specific format/size. For example - set page to A4 or A3, so when printing or exporting to PDF, the its a consistent experience there.

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Please, please, please, add support for the option to select a specific paper format/size, such as Letter (8.5x11). This makes for exporting pages to pdf and printing notes quite easy, functionally, and consistent as @Lucian Franghiu has already mentioned. This would be such an awesome and quite helpful addition! Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Looking forward to another year with you all on OneNote :)

Please support Azure Information Protection / Office 365 Universal Labels with protection, DLP, and encryption SDK..., this way OneNote will be more widely used in Enterprise scenarios (not just personal/private and educational sector)

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Great stuff! I've submitted this to the feedback hub but will also suggest here, it would be nice to rearrange the toolbar at the top, that would solve the conflict for the undo button position as people have been complaining about it being moved from the top right to the top left. Also having to click twice to undo once makes it much harder to spam undo.

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Is it success policy applying to end users online with 365?