The Office Online team is pleased to release our latest update to Office Online Server (OOS). OOS empowers organizations to view, edit, and create documents in the browser with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote from their own datacenter. Please verify that you have the latest version of the OOS release to ensure the best experience.


The November 2017 update of OOS includes the following improvements:


  • Improved booting performance in PowerPoint Online editing scenarios
  • Enhanced transitions in PowerPoint Online
  • Improved Find functionality in Excel Online
  • Document format conversion from xls to xlsx supported in Excel Online
  • Emoji support in Word Online
  • Increased table capabilities in Word Online
  • Insert image from host in Word Online
  • Doubled the time limit for audio recordings in OneNote Online
  • Accessibility & usability improvements across all applications
  • Many more improvements + bug fixes across all applications


How do I get OOS/download the update?


We encourage OOS customers to download the November 2017 release, as only the latest version will be supported with bug fixes and security patches available from the Microsoft Updates Download Center. You must uninstall the previous version of OOS to install this release.


With the exception of those who have access through the Open Program, Volume Licensing customers with a Volume Licensing account can download at no cost and will have view-only functionality which includes PowerPoint sharing in Skype for Business. Customers that require document creation, edit and save functionality in OOS need to have an on-premises Office Suite license with Software Assurance or an Office 365 ProPlus subscription. To download the latest update of OOS, please proceed to the Volume License Servicing Center. Office Online Server is a component of Office; therefore, it will be shown under each of the Office product pages including Office Standard 2016, Office Professional Plus 2016, and Office 2016 for Mac Standard. For more information on licensing requirements, please refer to our product terms.


For customers whose licenses qualify for OOS, but cannot obtain OOS through the Volume Licensing Services Center, the following actions are possible:


  • VL Open customers can contact their Support Center.
  • Direct customers can submit a request from their Office 365 admin center or contact support.
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No point asking the Office 365 Admin Centre team as they just point you to the VL URL

@Deleted that should have changed, they can provide you with access if you are a Direct customer without access to VLSC. 

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@Lorena Huang Liu Is it possible to convert excel documents to pdf using Office Online Server? If not, do you know when that feature will be available?

Hi @Deleted, good question. While there is not an explicit "Convert" button, you can select the "Print to PDF" option in the print dialog. Hope this helps!

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@Lorena Huang Liu I was not able to find that option could you share a screenshot of what you're referring to? thanks!!

@Deleted, please try the following. 


1. Select "Print" and this dialog box will pop out: 


2. Click "Print" on the next box as well


3. From the Printer options select "Microsoft Print to PDF"



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Emoji support in Word Online is available for on-premises? cause it's grayed out in the ribbon.

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@Lorena Huang Liu opened another ticket and this  was the response. 

Unfortunately as current Office online server is not available apart from when utilizing volume licensing. I understand this is frustrating as it contradicts the blog posts however we do not have access to the download links you require. We expect this will be updated shortly however we not have an estimated time frame, we would recommend created a new ticket in the near future. Thank you again for raising a ticket with office 365 and we apologies for the inconvenience for the issue at hand. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and I will be back in contact as soon as I can.

Many thanks.

Thank you,
John Childs
Office 365 Support

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What is the availability for the December Patch that fixes the unhealthy issue identified in the November 2017 release?


I updated servers today. Doesn't look like an Office Online specific patch was applied. Health check still shows Unhealthy. 



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This should also be mentioned:

Office Online Server Showing “Unhealthy” Status after installing this release. A "partial" fix can be found if you follow the link within this post to Trevor Seward's site.

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We are using Office online server to open word documents in the web browser (web application).

Initially we were using 16.0.3930.1033 version of office online server and everything was working fine. Recently we updated the office online server to 16.0.8471.8525 version (November 2017 release), from then when we open word document in our web application, we are not able to see images / shapes / text boxes (it shows a broken thumbnail and text next to it saying "shape", "text box" etc.,). I did compare the configuration settings of online server in both the instances, and made changes so that both will match, but still the issue persists. 


I also observed that a service of office online server is returning 404 error. I attached a screen shot. service error.PNGword online error screen shot.PNG


I tried to find some help online and MSDN forums, but couldn't get any help.
Does anyone experienced a similar problem like this ? or Is this a known issue ?


Is there any guidance on Office Online Server and .Net versions? I know the version at GA was 4.5.2  not sure if thats changed as newer versions of .Net have been released. 

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As trivial and embarrassing as this question is, why might the new "Emoji" tab in Word Online be greyed out for me? I'm running Office Online Server 2016 with November 2017 iso + May 2018 cumulative update.


I've briefly read that "Emoji" stuff might only work for US Locale users (US Region + US Keyboard or something like that).



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I am having the same issue as Graham, I did report 3 successive support calls, and nobody within support is able to solve the issue, 

last support representative is giving up also, is your issue solved now graham? 


unable to download oos server, everyone is still pointing me towards vlsc or vlsc support...

@Graham Walsh@Jos Greeve, my sincere apologies for all of this confusion. Would you please privately message me the contacts that you've been corresponding with? I'll help you as much as possible to resolve this issue. 




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Can someone please help me from Microsoft?  I am a small company trying to get my team certified in SharePoint. I bought he action pack and just found out that Office Online Server is not a part of that offering. I called Action Pack support and spoke with a nice person (Ken) who joined me on a 3 way call with someone from VLS who was no help at all.. She just kept repeating like from a script 'If you have VLS, I can help you'. I told her that VLS is not a realistic option for a small company. I don't understand why something so important to get certified and so important for a Microsoft partner to talk to customers about is not a part of the action pack subscription. I am very frustrated about this right now.

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Hello @Lorena Huang Liu we are having the exact same issue trying to download OOS. Our client is licensed for O365 ProPlus and neither Office 365 support or VLSC have been any help at all to get the software downloaded for the client's on premise SharePoint farm. They have spent more than 20 hours going back and forth with support. Super frustrating and unacceptable that Microsoft doesn't have a handle on this after so many months. Please help. Thanks.

@Avery Davidow


My apologies for the experience that you are having. I understand your frustration. Could you send me a private message with the name of your support agent and your case number so I can help you getting the download? 


Thank you,


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we are using OOS with SharePoint to display content connected to Analysis Services.  We were running on the RTM version, but the Nov. 17 update has the functionality to preserve our formatting.  When we applied the update however, our external data refresh fails.  We reverted back to RTM (no configuration changes to anything but creating the OOS farm) and it is working again.  We use a BISM connection that lives in sharepoint to access SSAS.  Does anyone know why that may not work anymore? Any help would be great!