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Luke Hares
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I'm experimenting with rolling out Teams.  I've got a Team and I created a channel in it.  This process didn't complete correctly and I got an error and hit cancel.  The Team then started spawing channels - can't see them or their name.  Now at  189, which isn't bad given the apparent limit is 100.  There appears to be no way to administer channels except through the web or desktop app, neither of which is helping.  The only way I can find to stop the spawning is to delete the team which I don't want to do because of the other content.  Help!


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In a similar position here.  Team created yesterday, owner created and then deleted a channel, and now spawning channels.  Currently 102 and counting....

Well I'm glad we're not alone.  It's really rather denting my teams appreciation of Teams.. noises about Slack are being made.  Any ideas on how to fix it?

It's having exactly the same impact here. No idea how to fix.  As this is a new Team we're happy to delete if we have to.

I don't want to do that - we'd lose a lot of good content

Perhaps your best bet would be to raise a support ticket?

Yep - done that.  Thank you for the moral support

Can you let me know what happens?  Would be best if we didn't need to delete the existing Team, and need to try and avoid repeating the issue with another Team.

No easy answers, they're going to get back to me

I've just noticed the same, however I'm not sure if there are actually many channels created.


I've started my teams app and my colleague has done the same. I'm seeing 113 and he is seeing 49 both of these numbers are increasing slowly, but not all the time.


When I search for my channels I only ever find the actual real channels


Also when I look in SharePoint, in the document library I only find 4 folders. One for each channel that I expect to see.


To me this feels like the app is getting confused rather than the team site/channels themselves as the number keeps increasing.




My version of the client is: (32-bit). It was last updated on 7/21/17. 



Hi @Luke Hares,


Just to confirm my previous post. when you restart the app (including the back ground process), then the counting starts back from 0 channels. So it looks like it's not doing any harm to your team site. It looks like we just have to wait for the next release of the Teams App.

Except you can't see any channels that aren't favourited..  The mobile app doesn't have this problem, the web app does.  On the mobile app I have a non-favourited channel I can see (yay) but can't delete.

I also can't create new channels in any of apps.  I'm assuming all these problems are related.  So not impressed so far.  Can't see how I can roll this out




I also just found that the channel count is increased by one every time I click on a tab ( Conversations, Files etc) the count goes up by one. It looks like it's counting the number of clicks since the last restart of the Windows App. I didn't notice this in the previous release of the app, so most likely something is wrong with this app. 


CC: @Kady Dundas


Mine is not counting clicks directly, but it does increment as I move around the site.  Count does get reset (to 6) when I restart the app.

Still broken - no more input from support.  It's apparently client side only but is preventing the creation / deletion of channels.  "They're working on it"



Not just the desktop client, but the web one as well.  As for the windows phone client, it just crashed all the time.

The Android client is pretty good (said the disillusioned former Windows Phone user)

A few more weeks and I'll be returning to Android.  Shame, as I really like the UI (and don't particularly like the Android one).

Agree - best mobile OS, let down by app support - including from Microsoft!

Same pb here.

Only way to access real channel is to add it to favorite using ios app.

Then i can go to real channel in team desktop. have same issue, so it may be an API issue.

Hope it'll be fixed quickly.


I tweeted the Microsoft Teams team yesterday, they acknoledged the tweet and are looking into things.


Good thinking - thank you. 

Same issue here, tried creating 2 new channels in existing team. Said the first had created successfully, then got an error when creating the 2nd one. Since then same behaviour as described above, and unable to load or remove the new channel that did get created.

Ditto here too. The android app doesn't seem to be affected.

I'm not sure if it is the app as the browser shows the same issues.

Do Microsoft still monitor this community?  Would be useful to get official respsonses to this ( and other) issues.

I chased them up on twitter a few hours ago.

@Pieter Veenstra wrote:

I chased them up on twitter a few hours ago.

Thanks for that.  I suspect a lot of us on here are expecting a MS presence; if there isn't one we need to be looking for another route for reporting issues/suggestions etc.

It would help if we could use @MicrosoftTeams here.

Yes - there is activity and response here: the endless spawning of channels! Curren

nothing here. And the Office365 support people don't appear to know about the bug

Same here. I created another post with some screenshots here


Same issue, something happend when creating or deleting a channel (not sure what was the action that triggered the error) and now an infinite loop of new channels is appearing under the team.

If I close the app and open it again, the number restarts to 0. It happens in both web app and desktop app.


I hope somebody from MS will take a look into this soon.

According to this post, the engineering team want feedback, so looping in the author of that post, @Laurie Pottmeyer

Thanks for flagging me, @Lloyd Adams @Deleted - you are right.  We LOVE feedback.  Here's where we formally track items:

Great.  Can you confirm that this has been acknowledged as a serious issue and it is actively being worked upon?

Absolutely! - and yes!


@Suphatra Rufo

We need some idea of the timescales for fixing this - plus I am not enjoying promoting this as a wonderful idea.  People are returning to email, at least it works (most of the time)

I'm in the same place - keen to demonstrate Teams can be useful and replace the mish mash of messaging forums used at the moment.  Some kind of progress report or fix estimate would be great for demonstrating MS's commitment to the platform.

This has occured as a problem for us aswell. Only in one team though, but it stops production for that team.. 

@Suphatra Rufo,


I fully understand that it may take time to fix this issue, but it's now more than a week ago that this issue was first reported. Still there is no sign ( or did I miss a sign?) of when we can expect a fix.


Not being able to create new channels seems to me as quite a critical issue to this application. It would help to set the expectations of users if there was any guideline on when a next release can be expected.

Just to give you all a bit of an update as this was starting to cause me too many troubles.


This morning I create a new team. then I added new channels. and the started to look like this:




My team that I created last week still doesn't work as expected:


So it looks like a workaround for now might be ... create a new team.


In the Team that now works I removed some of my teams from the my favourites and



And as you can see the more channels are appearing as expected.





How is everybody getting on with this issue? Its become a problem for us and a fair amount of project info lost last week due to us having to delete the old team. We've been using our new team for 3 days and its started again... I'm up to 148 or so!



We're experiencing the same issue, we recently attempted to create a new channel within an existing, used, team, and now have anywhere between 1 and 150 additional channels being spawned. This is only happening when using Microsoft Office app, Apple OS App and online app. 


The channel shows on mobile apps, but is unable to be accessed. 


We cannot delete the primary team as there is a lot of key information that is required - anyone any help?


Many thanks, 

I would probably recommend recreating the team and channels. It looks like the issue has been resolved as I was able to create a new team and new channels this morning. Maybe Microsoft is still working on fixing the broken ones but I didn't want to wait for that.


Just to be clear. I don't think that you have 150 channels! it's just a counter that has gone wrong. Also it is a bit harder to access the channels. ( Simply go to a channel that you can get to then clich in the breadcrumbs on the team name. then click on the channels tab and you can search for your channel. Not nice but at least you can get there.

Unfortunately we're unable to recreate the channels as the chat is too useful for reference, but the workaround outlined above is really useful, thanks!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a potential fix for the previous ones...

@Pieter Veenstra wrote:
It has been fixed now

I can confirm that. The spurious number has disappeared.

Not sure what this is about - but since the spawning issues was fixed I've not been able to open docs for editing - I get a message that the document is being opened in excel / word or whatever but then nothing happens. I can open them to edit in Sharepoint.

Confirm that problem fixed - good news.  Thank you MS