Microsoft Teams and S4B coexistence

Miroslav Novák

Hi, we decided in our company that we tried MS Teams and we started with a pilot. We have couple of pilot groups and only these groups have a licence for Teams. After few week we recieved a negative feedback for coexistence MS Teams and S4B. I read a lot of arcticles and it should work. Do you have any rommendeation how to set the Teams for correct behavior?


Negative feedback:

  • It is not possible to chat with people with Skype. Only pilot users are able to chat together but when they send a message anyone out of pilot within Teams, the end user receives e-mail notifications that he has a message in Teams. He does not receive a message to Skype.
  • It is not possible to chat with external users via Teams. You are able to add anyone to your S4B but it is different from Teams when you have external contacts in your S4B.
  • Presence is different... Presence in Teams is different from S4B.
  • Missing history, our end users love Teams because there is history of their conversations with colleagues but when you chat (when it finally work) with someone who has skype and restart MS Teams, history of these conversation is gone.

How coexistence works? What is necessary to that coexistence goes smoothly and users with Teams (licenced) are able to communicate with other colleagues. Thank you for your help.


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Miroslav, you might find this Microsoft video of interest. It covers some of your issues and how Microsoft themselves are running co-existence. https://www.microsoft.com/itshowcase/Article/Content/1050/Launching-Microsoft-Teams-to-the-company-H...
It sounds like your tenant hasn't had the recent presence updates because some of those issues have been recently resolved in the latest updates to the back end of Teams which might still be in process of rolling out. I know they are getting closer because my other tenant which hasn't had these updates for about a month just received it sometime in the past week.

This update is required for the shared presence and the chat history with S4B users. I still don't think you can initiate to skype for business from within Teams or not thou but you can definatley add other users from external tenants now if they have Teams(maybe skype for business) by just going to new chat and putting in their e-mail address.

The way I know to tell if you have these updates is looking for the Contacts tab at the top of your user list in chat. The issue is your users may have complained before you had this if you have it now, but it's a start to see if you have the updates yet.
Hi John, thank you for your tip on video. I will watch it.
Hi Christopher,

thank you for your answer. If I understood it right, it is not possible to initiate chat from Teams with someone with S4B?

I tried to chat with external users but what happens: I added external e-mail address to field "To:", sent the message and on external account I received it on Skype but no to MS Teams chat. When I quited Skype I received an error message that "The user is unavailable or offline. We have sent an email instead." I did not receive any email. I started S4B, found the external user, I saw that external user is online, I sent a message but I did not receive it anywhere. I was waiting on Teams (because I was online only in MS Teams) and nothing (only in this case a receive e-mail notification about missed conversation). It works only when you start conversation from MS Teams then the user on the other side will see "pop-up window" with message, click reply and then you are able to chat. It is a little bit confusing for end users. Also for me and I do not think that I am not beginner.

Have you changed your coexistence options on the new teams admin center yet? The legacy deprecated mode needs updated to one of the newer options to allow for better coexistence between the two. There should be a link there to better explain the options. I can try to find the link when I get back to a computer if you still need.
So according to this. Your only option is island mode but if you’ve already licensed users for Teams then you can’t have those users chat direct with Skype for business users, once they use Teams then chats will go to Teams going forward.


Thank you for useful link. We did not change the option in admin center so I suppose that we have set there the default as you wrote. So Teams users already have to use Teams for chat. They are able to chat with Skype users who never used Teams. It does not work that they will use both tools (Skype and Teams). And when the Skype users will start conversation with someone who use Teams it will work also, right? It is about using just one tool and do not use hybrid solution. Do you have experience that you lost some conversations when you chat Teams and Skype?

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