Is outside calling going to be available to Premium and Essential licensing?

Fabian Alfonso
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Hello to all,


As of today the only missing O365 integration piece within my company is the use of Skype Vr Teams.  The main issue is that my colleagues continue to use their personal Skype for internal communications because they can use it to connect with our clients making outside calls and conferencing internal teams. 


I am trying to switch everyone to Teams, but I cannot do it until they can use it to make outside calls.  We don't need phone lines or numbers just the capabilities to make outside calls with credits (just like with Skype).  It seems that we would need to switch all our licensing to an E subscription which will increase our cost 3 or 4 times per user. 


Do you know any way to work around it? Or if at some point it will be available for Premium and Essential Licensing? 






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For now, the only way is to go to an Enterpise Plan as you have well mentioned

It's funny they allow us to buy calling credits with our licensing plans (Premium/essential) but can't call anywhere... 

@Juan Carlos González Martín wrote:
For now, the only way is to go to an Enterpise Plan as you have well mentioned


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