Forms Responses in Excel Showing Edited Questions

Daniel Kronstadt
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When viewing responses to a Forms file in Excel, it appears that if a question was edited in the creation process, each edit is it's own column.  For example, in the attached screen shot you can see the evolution of the question.  The last column (S) is the final question.  Is there a way to not have the previous versions of the question (Q & R) appear?

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Hi Daniel


How bizarre! I thought this was interesting as I use forms a lot - but never noticed. And upon checking you are absolutely correct.


I sent out a form the other day, amended a question - look at what has been created. 




So how I solved this was to go back to the form and select responses > ellipses (...) and then Sync All Responses to a New Workbook. This creates a new excel in the Files Tab




Open that new workbook - walla, no old questions. You can now go delete the old workbook.




Hope this helps. 


Best, Chris