Disable rich editing?

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Is there any way to change the message input field to be ONLY markdown input, and not “rich” input, with a preview option instead? The auto formatting of ``` ctrl-v is really annoying to me when I’m trying to edit stuff.


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No to my knowledge, but I could be wrong

Not in the compose box, markdown syntax is really just like keyboard shortcuts.


If you were looking to write longer pages of Markdown I would suggest looking at using a SharePoint page, there's a Markdown webpart that provides the full edit / preview experience.

Hmm, that doesn't excite me too much, I'm trying to convert from Slack and that is a pretty big sticking point for my workflow/message editing style. How does one add a feature request?
Here you go!


Try see if this request exists first and vote for that one, else create your own.


Thanks, looks like the feature is here: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/18551077-markdown-preview


If anyone else wants to upvote.

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