Cloud Recording Interop quesiton

Larry Goldfield

We're glad to see the cloud recording that is in preview.


Wondering if this scenario will be possible during a transition to Teams:  a group is meeting in Skype for Business and one participant joins from Teams and records to the cloud?

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The call has to originate from Teams created via the "Teams" link in outlook, or started from meetings tab, or done in a team to be able to have the recording link activated.
So basically from this article: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/record-a-meeting-in-teams-34dfbe7f-b07d-4a27-b4c6-de62f1348...

"Guests or federated users can't record meetings or calls."
Technically, a Teams user is federated user to Skype for Business.

Thanks @Deleted, if I'm understanding correctly - the documentation also says 'Anyone in your company' can start/stop the (only) recording. 


This seems confusing and would make it hard to assure a solid recording in a large meeting.   Why not offer lock-down recording privileges to the organizer?

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