Adding a student to class notebook in teams

Grant Saul
When I add a new student in to my class team I anticipated that a section group with the appropriate permissions would be created in the Class Notebook. This has not happened.
How do I update the notebook?
There was manual facility in Classroom but there appears to be no facility in Teams.
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Answering my own question - wait (24 hours)


I am not sure how long from adding to a team and the appearance in Class Notebook.

A little frustraing when you have a student waiting in the class - but at least it is automatic.

Hmmm. Mine haven't populated the OneNote classbook after 4 days... maybe not always automatic. Still trying to find a solution
Added a new student today, and it appeared within two hours. Cool when it works.

How, what, when, why didn't it work earlier, but later it did work?

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