Microsoft Stream for iOS is now publicly available

We are excited to announce that the Microsoft Stream mobile app is now available for iOS, in addition to the Android version. Get started with the Stream mobile apps for iOS & Android by visiting the App Store and Google Play.


With the Stream mobile apps, you can:

  • Find and engage with videos you need fast with smart search tools
  • Watch videos at your own convenience by saving content for offline viewing
  • Tune into Stream live events anywhere right from your mobile device
  • Enjoy the best experience for consuming Stream videos by deep-linking into the app





Manage Stream for iOS & Android with Intune

IT admins can configure and enforce Intune policies on the mobile apps by following the steps outlined in this article. Intune policies allow administrators to control how the app handles enterprise data. The apps can be targeted for both mobile app management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) policies.


Share your feedback with us!

You can share feedback on the mobile apps through any of the following channels:

  • In-app: send us feedback through the feedback tool in the app under Settings > Help and Feedback > Share feedback
  • In-app: send us feedback through the feedback tool by shake-to-share feedback
  • Email: contact us at streamiosstore@microsoft.com for iOS feedback or streamandstore@microsoft.com for Android feedback
  • Let us know what is working and what can be improved through our Microsoft Stream community.


Mobile beta

To get early access and test beta features, join our beta program by completing this signup form. Once completed, we’ll add you to the beta pool and you’ll receive an email invitation from Apple TestFlight for iOS testing or from HockeyApp for Android testing.


For additional resources, visit the Microsoft Stream mobile app documentation.

Senior Member

Dear Dwyane..


Wanted to let you know of an issue I came across while sharing stream video link.

Using Share function of Stream mobile app I sent a link of video to Teams . Clicking the link in PC it goes to Stream w/o problem but I got error in mobile. Do you know if this is a known issue and when it is going to be fixed?



Hi Chetan, are you still seeing this issue with the iOS app?

Senior Member

Hi Dwyane- this is resolved after applying Intune policy for Stream, thanks.