Modern SharePoint lists are here – Including integration with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

Earlier this year, we unveiled a new cloud-first, mobile-first vision and roadmap for SharePoint, along with innovations that empower people, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. Today we’re pleased to announce the roll out of modern lists to SharePoint Online along with one-click integration of PowerApps and Flow. These enhancements will begin rolling out to Office 365 First Release customers the first week in August 2016.


What’s New with SharePoint Lists

SharePoint lists provide a powerful way for people to collaborate on structured data directly from their team site, helping teams organize content from investment account onboarding details, to field service requests, and even softball team t-shirt sizes. Over ten million custom lists are already in use across Office 365.  You can learn more about the general use of SharePoint lists on our support site.




Now, we’re delivering a modern lists experience that looks great and is responsive, accessible, and easy to use on any device. Modern list experiences will be automatically available to all existing classic SharePoint Online lists. You can:

  • Improve ease of use by empowering users to add columns to lists and sort, filter, and group data in place
  • Elevate data quality by viewing and editing all item details in the information panel without leaving the list itself
  • Improve productivity by bulk editing list items with Quick Edit
  • Automate simple business processes with versions, approvals, and alerts
  • Enrich static information with rich data types including people, images, and Managed Metadata tags


Modern lists with the information panel


And modern lists look great in the SharePoint mobile app, making every location and every device a first class component of business processes.




Editing list items in SharePoint mobile browser


Integrating PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Customers regularly exchange data between SharePoint lists and other systems to support business processes. These scenarios become more powerful through deep integration of Microsoft Flow with SharePoint lists. Flow automates workflow and data exchange between SharePoint and a variety of Microsoft and third-party services. Now, you can create and launch Flows directly from a SharePoint list, and store and modify that data within SharePoint.


With PowerApps, you can connect, create and share business apps on any device in minutes. You can build efficient mobile forms and apps directly from a SharePoint list, without needing to write code. PowerApps and Flow share a common connector framework that allows you to weave in dozens of data sources on-premises and in the cloud, including Exchange, SQL, Dynamics, Salesforce, Google, Mail Chimp, Twitter, Wunderlist and more.



Building a PowerApp from a modern SharePoint list






Automatically build a new Flow from SharePoint


Microsoft Flow and PowerApps are currently in public preview. To learn more about PowerApps and Microsoft Flow integration, see video (https://youtu.be/x8tgKBXmmPg?t=7m16s)


Modern and Classic Experience

Almost all classic lists will automatically inherit the new modern interface. Modern lists support themes, navigation, and custom buttons that were created in classic mode. We monitor the compatibility of customizations every time a user visits a list. If we see a compatibility blocker, like an unsupported browser or JSLink customizations, the list reverts automatically to the classic experience. Users can choose to revert to the classic experience at any time, and   classic experience as default at the list, site, site collection or tenant level. And rest assured, we have no plans to remove classic mode anytime soon. Classic mode supports your customizations today, and tomorrow. Looking forward, we're going to continue to develop rich customization scenarios for modern experiences along with the SharePoint Framework.


What’s next

The initial rollout of modern lists to First Release will be in early August 2016. After that, we will add PowerApps and Flow to the command bar. With Office 365 groups all receiving full Team Sites soon, even more users than ever will have access to our business app tools. We will have even more to show at Microsoft Ignite this fall in Atlanta.


Early preview of modern lists

We recognize that customers want to validate these modern experiences for potential impact to users, training, customizations, or third-party solutions. Starting today, we are providing an early preview of Modern Lists ahead of First Release, and we look forward to your feedback.


To preview modern lists:

  • Navigate to a list in SharePoint Online.
  • In the URL bar, add TryNewExperience=true as a query string parameter. Query string parameters are values listed after the address in the URL. A question mark separates the address from query string parameters.
    • If there are other query string parameters in the URL, add &TryNewExperience=true [ampersand prefix]
    • If there are no other query string parameters, add ?TryNewExperience=true [question mark prefix]
    • When you have finished previewing the modern experience, close the browser to reset to classic experience. For some browsers, you may need to clear session cookies to return to the classic experience.


As part of digital transformation, one of our ambitions is to reinvent productivity and business process. We think that modern lists, along with PowerApps and Flow, unlock new collaborative scenarios in Office 365. We look forward to hearing about your successes and how we can continue to improve SharePoint lists. Join the conversation at sharepoint.uservoice.com or here. Thanks.


  • Chris McNulty, senior product manager



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New Contributor

The early preview query string isn't working for me.  Is it working for anyone?

Occasional Visitor

not working for me either.


Worked for me!


Well .. I can see the "powerapp" button, but not the "flow" one.


I'm unsure if it's a prerequisite but, you might want to check that "new experience" is selected in SPO central admin & be part of the "First release program"


On a different note, when can we expect (modern) list to be added to Office 365 groups ?

Works in one of several lists I've tried.  Not sure at the moment whether it applies only to Custom Lists or lists like Contacts, Calendar and Tasks as well.


Looks nice when the UX does switch over - but may be the rollout hasn't hit everyone.

Occasional Contributor

Not working for me either... :robotsad:

Nice, that TryNewExperience parameter! Reminds me of the EnableConnectorDevPreview parameter :)


Guess the modern list experience hasn't rolled out to all tenants yet. I tried the parameter on three different tenants, without success. All three tenants located in Europe by the way. I've seen before that features are rolled out to US based tenants before tenants in other parts of the world.

So query string doesn't yet for me too. Would be great if the required version of SharePoint online can be added to such posts in future as they do with Windows Insider.


The current version you are on can be easily checked through appending /_vti_pvt/service.cnf to the query string.




Not in Australia yet ;-) apparently

New Contributor

Yep - nothing here in Australia either


SharePoint Online tenant is running build 16.0.5507.1207 at the moment

 I think I've got parts of the new experience in my developer tenant.


It shows the new list overview, but when I create a new list item, or when I edit the properties of an existing list item, I'm getting the old experience.


I was wondering about this quote: "If we see a compatibility blocker, like an unsupported browser or JSLink customizations, the list reverts automatically to the classic experience."


What are unsupported browser customizations that are detected. E.g. is jQuery manipulation of dom elements detected and does that count as a compatibility blocker? 




Hi folks.  If the Query String parameter isn't working for you it has nothing to do with First Release - everyone has the abilty to test the modern UX with that parameter.  However, if you have modern turned off in tenant admin, or you have unsupported cusotmizations,  automatic fallback to classic kicks in.  See https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Differences-between-the-new-document-library-experience-and... for specifics.


Please keep the comments coming - thanks!


Yes, for jQuery actions like that, for now, we fallback to classic - but we are absolutely committed to bringing full customizaiton to the modern expereince and to maintaing classic mode.


The preview is limited to the core lists experience - PowerApps buitton shouldnt show up (yet) in the test preview mode.  PowerApps and Flow buttons will be enabled soon.  Thanks!

Hi @Chris McNulty, I did some more tests. Apparently the Modern UI does not work on Announcement lists. I created a brand new Announcement list in a brand new site collection, and it showed me classic UI when using the ?TryNewExperience=true parameter. But when I created a new Custom list in the exact same site, this list did show the Modern UI!


Oh, and by the way, I do see the PowerApps button too :)



Occasional Contributor

Chris, can you share with us what the ETA for new customization available? Since JSLink and CustomAction might not be supported, we are wondering why would be the recommended way to customize the list and document library. Thanks

Occasional Visitor

Hi Chris,


I do see message on my admin- But when I try 

https://ourspsite.sharepoint.com/Lists/test33/AllItems.aspx?TryNewExperience=true nothing changes.

there is no customization on the site as such. 

Updated Feature: Modern SharePoint Lists
Published On : Jul 22, 2016
Expires On : Aug 21, 2016
We’re making some changes to lists in SharePoint. Modern lists offer many UI enhancements such as inline creation of custom views and columns; improved mobile support; PowerApps and Flow integration; and the information panel. We’ve replaced the Ribbon with a clean, responsive command bar. We’re going to start rolling out modern lists for First Release Users in early August, with First Release Tenants and Production rings following.
Occasional Visitor

Great news. I have a question though. Currently viewing a list on a mobile device doesnt allow you to see a managed metadata column. Will this functionality be part of the modern list release?


Also powerapps currently doesnt support managed metadata column. how soon will it become available?

HI everyone , i tried to use preview of modern SP List but its really hard to find Outlook connection or excel export option which my user love most. how can i find that in new SharePoint list Modern experence ?


So as per my reply earlier, I was able to access the new look yesterday appending the url with ?TryNewExperience=true

I even showed a few colleague how cool it looked ...


Well, thanks for bursting my bubble, but I am not able to access the new Experience today .. :smileysad:

Any reason for such a switcheroo?


Australian tenant here as well!




@Oko Djangmah Check out my two screenshots below. I've added a Business column to my list, which is a managed metadata column. The new SharePoint app for iOS does not display this column correctly (neither are currency columns by the way), but the mobile list view in the browser does.




The publishing feature was causing some issues earlier, so autofallback was happening on sites where this feature was live. Happilyk we are seeing fewer issues with it later and will be removing the autofallback when this featruere is detected.


Modern UX is available for custom lists, so far, not the OOB list types like Tasks and Annoucements.  Further customization options are dependent on the release of the SharePoint Framework by year end.  In the interim, classic mode remains fully supported.  Thanks.

@Chris McNulty I hope you understand that quotes like these scares the crap out of people


"Further customization options are dependent on the release of the SharePoint Framework by year end.  In the interim, classic mode remains fully supported."


First, we need to wait to the end of the year before the SharePoint framework is released. That isn't a big surprise. But then you mention, as long as it's not released classic mode is fully supported. 


So when it's released you need to make sure you rebuild your solutions to work with the the new ui and framework asap, else you're in trouble.


I'm really looking forward to a quote from Microsoft where they state the minimal timeline where classic mode will be supported. Something like: We support classic mode to end 2020 and after that we look inti usage data to determine if we can phase out the classic model. Now we constantly hear and sometimes interpret: we will kill classic mode as soon as we can, and it's going to be in 2017 not later.


That's a really tough message for our customers. A scope of less than a year to rewrite all customizations.


I've created a seperate topic to address these concerns: https://network.office.com/t5/SharePoint-Developer/Classic-mode-support-timeline/m-p/3640


I'd like to correct your interpretation.  We have no plans to remove classic mode.  And not in 2017.  Even if we wanted to, 2017 is too soon for the kind of long term communication we would need for a change of that magnitude. 


And we haven't earned the right to even plan for it until we offer a complete extensibility story for modern UX, and we see that majority of our usage has shifted to it.  See http://dev.office.com/blogs/update-on-modern-document-libraries-and-extensiblity for more.


Before the rollout, you had classic expereince and classic customization.  Now, we've added modern expereince without removing anything.  And we're 100% committed to landing modern customization and extensibility to make modern mode even more capable than classic mode,  Thanks.

Occasional Visitor
Working fine. Fun to look forward to.
Occasional Visitor

 I tried to use the Modern Lists with my development tenant. I am able to see the Modern UI in Document libraries but not finding the same in custom lists ? Can you please specify the reason for the same  ? 


Modern lists began moving into First Release Users on August 1, full First Release will follow.  Please be patient as we move through the deployment cycle - it will be worth the wait.

Established Member

@Chris McNulty fyi, you may already be aware but the Metadata Navigation SharePoint site feature (which provides Hierarchy and Key Filters nav on left of list/library) falls into unsupported "customization" category.  Had to first deactivate before I can try out the list modern UX

New Contributor

@Chris McNulty


This might be a bug but it seems when you select "Filter By" in the new experience and make a selection it closes out and refreshes the page. On the old classic view I used to be able to select multiple items in rapid succession, now for each selection I want to filter by I have to reopen the filter by menu on the column, click one item, reopen the filter by menu, click one item, etc.


Is that going to be changed before the new experience is released? 

Occasional Visitor

@Chris McNulty ,

I am having all subsites automatically show on the global navigation bar when using the new look, but not in classic. I go to the navigation settings, but only the links that show in classic view appear in the global navigation links list. Do you know the reason why?




Yes, we are tuning the navigation customization.  Right now, some of the patterns cause automatic fallback, but its our intention to more fully enable custom navigation in the modewrn experience soon.


How do you turn off PowerApps button. We don't want our users to be playing with this feature.


I do not see the Flow button yet.


Take those users out of First Release Users, and they shouldn;t see the button yet.  Thanks. @Michelle Porreca

New Contributor

I did not run through all the comments, but is there a plan to provide an option to fix the headline/first row of a list when scrolling vertically? Same question for first (or more) columns when scrolling horizontally. Especially to fix the headline/first row is of high interst for our internal users.

@Chris McNulty, thank you for showing a demo of he new SharePoint List and integration with PowerApps and Flow at SharePoint Fest Seattle today. It made sticking around late on the last day completely worth it.  The conference PowerApp you showed could easily be applied to any business whose Sales groups host Sales meetings. 

We're a first release customer who've kept the Classic UI as the default in the SharePoint Admin panel settings.


I am still not seeing Modern List UI as an option for our list (we do see that option for Doc Libraries). Shouldn't this be available to all First Release customers by now?

Occasional Contributor

Is there going to be a way to manage what Flows can be created from a list? We dont want people being able to e.g. share content to Twitter...

Occasional Visitor

I see the "Modern" views by default. Thank goodness my users do not! Several of the list functions no longer work in the views that I had set up when "Classic" views controlled. For example, it is critical in several of our lists that certain columns "Total". The sum requests for these columns in these views are still checked, but nowhere do these sums appear in the Modern View. The pupose of list views is to show filtered data to users in a way that is useful and easy to review. Sums (or totals) can be critical components of a view, providing instant information. If my users have to pull out their calculators, what is the point of the list view?

Occasional Contributor

Is there a time line on when the Issue Tracking list will receive the modern UI??


Many thanks! 

Occasional Contributor

If you have this many "we know, we're working on it, should be coming soon" answers, then why would you even roll it out to anyone, first release users or otherwise? It would be so much more useful if it worked.


And, some kind of 'where did it go' tutorial for all the functionality that's on the ribbon that is lost or obscured in the Modern UI would be incredibly helpful to all, I would presume, but especially my end users.


I agree with Lisa. Wanted to add a "like" to her comment, but there is no ability for me to "Like" it.


This forum needs some work too.

Regular Contributor

Is this parameter ?TryNewExperience=true still supposed to be working? It is not for one of my lists, and I wanted to see how that list would look in Modern.



Super Contributor

@Rob O'Keefe Its not working 

Senior Member

Hi @Chris McNulty, once you're in the classic experience on a doc library or a list, is there a way to switch to the modern experience?  I just tried adding ?TryNewExperience=true to the end of the URL on a library I was in classic on, but it did not get me to modern (nothing happened and I stayed in classic).

Occasional Visitor

Is there a timeline of when this will hit enviroments that were not part of the initial rollout?


We are finally at 100% for the general rollouts!  At this point, you should be seeing the modern list experience unless you are running one of the unsupported customizations, like JSLink or IE9.