Delve boards no longer available for search results

Elsa Naumann
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It seems like the ability to add search results (files/pages/videos) to boards have been lost in the latest Delve update as results are no longer displayed as cards. Is this intentional? Without the ability to add search results, Boards start becoming obsolete in my opinion. 

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Could you please add a screenshot of what you are not able to do in Delve? AFAIK, Microsoft is not removing these features, while it's true changes around intelligent search are happening behind the scenes

Elsa is right. Delve now generates search results in a list rather than cards. You do not have the option to select an item from the list and add it to a board, as you can with the documents shown elsewhere (as in "Recent Documents" in the "Me" view).

Not sure at all about the search results in a list concept...what I'm seeing now in the Delve home page is similar to what I had in the past and you are right in the sense I can only add documents to boards (For instance I cannot add e-mails to boards and I'm not sure even if it has ever been possible to add e-mails received to boards).

The Delve home page is the same as before. What has changed is the option to add an item found in a search to a board...  You could never add an email to a board before, so that's not the issue.

Ok, I see now what you mean

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín! It is correct as @Tony Redmond says, the problem isn't with emails, it's that search results cannot be added to boards (irrespective of result type). 


I'd be very interested to hear whether this is something that is intentional from MS' side. 

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín and @Tony Redmond, looks like the card view is back! Wonder if they'll keep it. Thanks for your input anyway :) 

I still have the list view as search result and I can't add those searchresults to any of my boards.

I see list view in one tenant and cards in another one. But in the one with cards, there was a list view (briefly until it changed back to cards) so I wonder what the end result will be? Cards or lists.. 

I have the same..but with two different accounts instead of tenants. Hopefully it will be cards.

The search view has just changed to cards again in my tenant. I assume that Microsoft listened and is now figuring out how to combine the best of the two ways of presenting found information. The "old" view supports boards, so that's good. The new presented boards and people that matched the search, both of which are interesting ways to locate information. I think an amalagation of the two will do the trick.

It's also reasonable to say that Microsoft uses a similar search experience for the SharePoint Online home page. I imagine that one of the reasons why they missed boards out is that they simply forgot that Delve has boards (and people) whereas SPO simply concentrates on documents.


Hi everyone,


Thanks for your comments. You are correct that we are listening to your feedback and that this is one of the reasons why we have decided to take an extra round of implementation before we roll out the latest Delve search bits. We will make sure Add to board and Favorite is supported before we turn the new search experience on for you again.


It is also correct that you see a similar experience in SharePoint. We are basically trying to converge search experiences to one familiar "form-factor", which you will see more frequent updates to going forward. Thanks again for your feedback!

Fabulous, thank you for letting us know @Bernt Ivar Olsen!

Great. Better done right than done badly...

Hi @Bernt Ivar Olsen, Thanks for the update. Is there an ETA on this? Also, when you say "converge search experiences" - would Delve Search & SharePoint Search have similar behaviour, excepting Delve would show personal search results first?

Hi, sorry - I missed this update. We are in the process of rolling this out again. The new UX is with Compass users currently and is expected in First Release within a couple of weeks. When I say "converge" I mean that the experiences will have similar UX and similar results. In Delve the focus will be on people; in SP Home it will be on sites, as today. Both Delve and SP Home will likely benefit from personal results for documents and other entities.

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