We earlier outlined how you can configure the Windows device to be managed by Microsoft 365 Business and access on premises resources by using the Azure AD Joined Device Configuration.


One of the aspects to keep in mind while deploying the Azure AD Joined Device Configuration is that When a device Azure AD Joins, it creates a new profile and doesn’t reference any existing profile. In order to help customers deploy Windows Devices with this configuration, Microsoft has partnered with Laplink to provide free access (for a limited time) to the PCmover Profile Migrator (PPM) Tool for Microsoft 365 Business subscribers. The PPM Tool automatically transfers applications, settings, and files between any user profiles on the same PC. To download the tool, please visit aka.ms/profilemig


PPM helps set up PCs with Microsoft 365 Business where User profile apps, data, and settings are quickly and easily transferred from the old Local Active Directory (Local AD) users to the new Azure Active Directory (AAD) users.


Please note that free access to the Laplink PPM Tool is available until Nov 15th, 2018.  After you use the PPM Tool, please let us know how it worked for you – your feedback is important.


Key features of PPM:

  • Supports transfers between any two users on a PC.
  • Ideal to use when migrating data from an old user profile associated with a former domain to a new user profile on a new domain.
  • Free to Microsoft 365 Business users where devices are joined to Azure Active Directory.

For more information on the PPM tool, including videos, tutorials and steps to download, please visit aka.ms/profilemig

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Will this also work for Microsoft 365 Education users?

Showing my age here...but Small Business Server used the moveuser command to do the same (https://ss64.com/nt/moveuser.html ).  Why not have this ability to move the profile as part of the normal onboarding process when an existing workstation is set up?  The need for this won't end in November.


Hi @Ryan Morash The free access to the Laplink Tool till Nov 15th is for Microsoft 365 Business Subscribers, the tool actually does a license check for Microsoft 365 Business License for it to work. You can definitely contact Laplink directly though and work with them for solution to Microsoft 365 Edu

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Apparently your site is broken when using Edge (WTF, seriously?). I tried to "like" Susan Bradley's post, but I can't. Fix your site.
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It would be really helpful if there was a documented protocol for moving profiles from on-prem profiles (either domain or local) to the MS Cloud environment.  Is this documented anywhere?  I'm not wanting to recreate the wheel if it's not needed.  It's unfortunate that a third party software is needed to move a user profile in-between two Microsoft environments.  I have tried Forensit Domain Migration tool, but was unsuccessful.  Thanks for any help!