Issue of Microsoft Graph API not supporting Office365 Sharepoint Cloud enumerate sites on smartphone

Susan Chueh
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We have develop a JAVA based application on Smartphones (iOS and Android) which needs such support of the Graph API to be able to provide the ability to obtain eumerate sites in an organization.  Does anyone know when this will be available? or other ways around it ?

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To clarify, you're referring to the beta endpoint /sharePoint/sites only returning the default site? 

I have not been able to get any roadmap when the SharePoint endpoints will move out of beta.  That said, you could do a seperate authentication against SharePoint tenant itself and use the SharePoint REST api's or CSOM.

We are looking for ways to obtain sub-site listings to SharePoint Online (aka Office 365 site).
REST api they actually no longer support, everything got turned to Graph API; therefore, we are looking for alternative ways. With CSOM is only for Windows SDK, so it is difficult to turn that into JAVA applications.

My appologies, you're absoluely right Re CSOM, that is a .NET construct.  That said, what exactly do you mean by "REST api they actually no longer support"... the SharePoint REST endpoints are absolutely still supported and actively being maintained and enhanced.  

Hi Julie, we were told to migrate to Graph API for all Office 365 relevant app integration and development.
Well, I obviously cannot comment on why whomever told you to migrate told you to do so, but given the MSGraphAPIs are still in beta I would say the move is premature. I can also assure you that the REST apis in SharePoint are very much alive and well.
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