Microsoft Authenticator app—now sends security notifications

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I'm excited to share with you that starting today, we will help you have more confidence and visibility into your personal Microsoft account activities by giving you security notifications delivered in the Microsoft Authenticator app.


When important events—such as a password change—happen on your personal Microsoft account, Microsoft Authenticator will send you a notification. You can then view your account activity and take actions to protect your account if needed. The goal of these notifications is to increase awareness and help you react quickly if there is unexpected activity.


To receive these security notifications just download the Microsoft Authenticator app. (Make sure you’re running the latest version available in the App Store.) Then set up your personal Microsoft account on the Microsoft Authenticator app.


You’ll automatically start receiving alerts when we detect sensitive or unusual actions on your account, such as changing your password, adding a new phone number or email addresses, or signing in from a new device or unusual location. These notifications give you a powerful tool to understand and keep control of your account.

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If you receive a notification that you’re concerned about, you can quickly view your account activity and take necessary actions to protect your account. This may include changing your password or updating your security contact information.


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If you have additional questions, check out our FAQs.  Let us know what you think in the comments below. As always, we’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have.


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Alex Simons (@Alex_A_Simons )

Corporate VP of Program Management

Microsoft Identity Division

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Quick question: Very helpful feature update! Will we also get notified on Password Reset (e.g. using SSPR)?

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I think this feature is useful even for 'Work or School Account' holders. Do you have any plan to deploy this feature to them?

Thank you.


Awesome! Hope to see this functionality for ‘Work accounts’ in Azure AD too.


Awesome. Hope to see this for Work Accounts in Azure AD too.

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I am going to echo @Jonas Back as he said it twice, Please make this available ASAP for Work Accounts using Azure AD if it is not already the case! Great update!


@Sunil Kumar Chauhan You'll get notified when you reset your password for your personal Microsoft account. For AAD accounts, we're working on bringing the account activity page to public preview, and then we'll start working on notifications. SSPR seems like a great scenario to have notifications.


Takuya, Rob, Jonas, and anyone else who has this question - Yes, we do want to have this feature for AAD accounts too someday. Right now, we're working on bringing the AAD Account Activity page to public preview. Then, we'll start working on account activity notifications.