Access reports that databases are in an 'inconsistent state'

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Hi Everyone,


I need some help with this Issue. Background: we moved from an office 2010 .adp project to a access 2016 database project the access database project has custom vba/DAO and linked tables to a backend sql server 2012. We host the access project on a network share which was never an issue in the past, but now we have noticed that the file size of the access project will grow and then users will start receiving the "inconsistent state" message? at the link below there is a report that this is a known issue. I am not able to update the leasing on the server as noted in the work around area of the article. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to fix this issue?


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Make sure each user of the application is storing the Access frontend on their local PC and not sharing it with anyone else on the network. One advantage to this approach is when a user goes down no one else does.


One drawback is having to rollout new versions of your frontend to everyone, but if you search the web you will find solutions to this issue.


Hope that helps!


@Juan Soto


thank you Juan, I was able to figure out a work around. We marked the access database file as readOnly and the issue/error went away and the database quit growing. I would rather have users have a shortcut on their desktops then a copy of the file. thanks for your response. 

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