The i7-7700K meet the minimun requierments to run Win11. But its not suported, Why?

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Hi, I have an i7-7700K. This CPU have TPM 2.0, It's compatible with Secure Boot, it have 4 core up to 4.2 GHz. It also is 64bit. 

I don't know why this CPU is not supported by Microsoft to install Windows 11.

Update, 10/18/2021: Yesterday I bought a MacBook Air, I know that  the MacBook isn't the best computer and that you are limited within the horizon of Apple. But I don't trust Microsoft and the new Windows 11. What if I bough another computer of 2.000 US dollars and in some years Microsoft decided that I need a new computer? At least, with the new M1 chip of Apple I know that they will support the hardware and the will send me Updates and give Support.

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We are in the same boat as so many others are. Microsoft should add the Corei7-7700k processor to the  supported group of processors for Windows 11. It's only a 4 year old custom pc costing thousands of dollars and runs extremely well and we have several of them. We will not replace them because Microsoft says so. We will also delay all new PC purchases for our company choosing to remain on Windows 10 including not recommending Windows 11 to our clients. Microsoft has not provided any explanation let alone an acceptable one for their actions and the Windows 11 testers confirm that it runs just fine with Windows 11. @Jeronimo2440 

According to Microsoft:

Devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements had 52% more kernel mode crashes. Devices that do meet the minimum system requirements had a 99.8% crash free experience.

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I completely agree with your words.
We saw the information referenced and it does not explain it. Why would Windows 11 cause our Core-i7 7700k computers to crash when they don’t under windows 10? Ridiculous.

I also have i7-7700K and have been part of insider program for years and I installed Windows 11 since it became available in insider dev channel. It works well and there has been zero crashes so far (something that can't be said of os called windows 10 ). Fingers crossed that microsoft approves 7700k because it's fully compatible as it is as safe as it's successor line Coffee Lake.

I really think that is a bad movement from Microsoft, If the processor meet the requirements it should work. I don't think that Microsoft will add the i7-7700k. They don't really care.@Corei77700korBust 

el mismo problema, todo compatible, pero la cpu aparece como no compatible. no lo entiendo, por caracteristicas supera ampliamente a los Atom incluidos.


Sure, if W11 don't want my 7700k, and if I need to wait 2025 with W10, it's ok, thanks MS for my internal économie ! Waiting W12 for upgrade my hardware, is not a problem for us.

95, not 98, 2000, XP, not Vista, Seven, not 8/8.1, W10, no W11, W12, chronicle as the same !


The i7-7700k meet the requirements. All the requirements that need W11 to run into a certain processor. @KapilArya

It would be interesting to venture into the differences between the 7th and 8th generation of cpu to determine the decision of MS about security. TPM ready also.
Appears to have the same level of security. The main requirement was Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 and it have them both. And I chat with Microsoft for 2 hours and they failed trying to justifying it.

Exact !
We need to look in the internal security of the CPU obviously. Is not my spéciality ( I'm a little web French develloper) but we can google search. I'm with you, I don't understand...

@KapilArya To be clear, this language from microsoft implies that supported devices have a 99.8% "crash-free experience" (whatever that means), while unsupported devices have ~50% more crashes, aka 1.5x as many crashes, thus a 99.7% "crash-free experience".  This strikes me as a mild difference relative to the scary juxtaposition of the numbers 99.8 vs 52.  Indeed, it is impressive in my opinion that "unsupported" hardware has only 50% more crashes.

Insufficient reason. Leave that decision to those that invested in their systems. Our systems are rock solid with the Core i7-7700K. It’s obvious tgat there is an agenda at play and it’s not to better serve their customers in this instance. Our computers exceed all of the real requirements. Someone will eventually challenge it more formally. You would think that lessons learned would be built into MS’s process by now.
I could understand for 6th Gen or below CPUs, but not supporting a i7-7700k is ridiculous, barely 3 years ago was one the best CPU you could get, and a very popular one among enthusiast, shame on you Microsoft. I won't recommend Win11 any time soon.
Same problem here. Very dissaponteid with Microsoft. O rly want to see any future update to unlock w11 in i7 7700k

Hahaha, my snail laptop Lenovo 330S is OK for W11 and not my rocket desktop ... leave me laugh !




Drivers for W11 ^^

Do there are DHC drivers as well. Evidence is mounting

@KapilArya So, the numbers say that with incompatible devices (which include other incompatibles like MB, GPU etc) would have 99.7% crash free experience. So, based on the 0.1% more failure rate across all incompatibilities tried, results that for 7700k processor would be a even higher rate of crash free experience, between 99.7% to 99.8%.


Microsoft, nice paying around with words. I am quite sure that 7700k is at around the same 99.8% crash free rate.