Printers being mapped are set to 'letter'

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Hi all,


Is there a way to force a client's printers to be mapped with default A4 paper type?


Most printers this is not an issue, but some it is it seems.  Printers complain when receiving a job in letter, and the job fails. 


When opening the printer properties on the client > general > preferences > Layout > Advanced > 'Paper output' is default letter with newly mapped printers. (same for advanced > printing defaults) When I change these to A4 these jobs continue without issues (solves 90% of failed print jobs for me) 


I set the printing defaults in universal print blade correctly to A4 but printers get mapped with letter anyway.  Would be nice if I could force it on the client, we never use letter.


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@KurtJc Just wanting to add an update to this if anyone comes across the same issue. I managed to resolve to by changing the system locale from English (United States) to English (Australia).


Even though my region settings were all set to Australia when I ran the "Get-WinSystemLocale" PowerShell command, it returned English (United States).


I fixed this by going to 

Control Pannel > Region > Administrative Tab > Change system locale


Once I changed that value then restarted my PC I was then able to remove and add the printers with the correct paper size.


It will also work when you set the value with PowerShell (as admin).

Set-WinSystemLocale -SystemLocale en-AU

Substitute the system locale value for your country. :grinning_face:



That is how we solved it as well, we know the language of the users, so we configured intune (endpoint) to run a powershell command per language


Unfortunately pc 'has' to restart, and recently a shutdown became a hibernate.. no big deal, a bit of patience..  We have successfully moved all cloud printing to UP by now, little to no issues.

@KurtJcThis works as well for me. Thanks for the hint.

This is really strange Microsoft are not able to fix this.  We have devices in different 15 countries 


I don't think Microsoft should 'fix' this, at least in the current printing architecture. At installation time the default paper size is set, based on a published method and API:


Note, this documentation explicitly mentions paper size is a static setting based on System Locale, not User. I don't know if a 'smart' driver or script could change that based on User Locale without a reboot.