Unable to remove shared file access from specific organization-members

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Hi, I got a similar problem as this thread: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint/Modern-Site-members-can-share-but-can-t-remove-sha...

But, we are unable to see or remove people on the same tenant that has been given access to a document. Well, we can see the user who got access if we go to advanced settings, but we cant remove individual people in the same organization.
It works as a charm when we share outside our organization - we are able to see who got access and can remove the access without having to enter advanced settings.


Currently the only way we are able to remove access to a shared file is to remove everyone's access and give back access to those in need, but I'm guessing this will be a bit tiresome after a while.


Is there anyone else who have noticed the same and have an issue with this?


Br, Thomas H

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Tested this scenario, it shows people in your org that have access through a link, and when that link gets removed the people accessing go along with it. This is how it should work since the link is anonymous usually in nature.

Are you using it differently to get this scenario?

We know that this is how it currently works, but the company I'm currently working with have people leaving and joining teams. When they leave the team they don't want them to longer have access to the file, and they don't want everyone on the said team to be able to see it.
So, therefore, they need to give specific permissions to people.

As an example: If they have 70 members in a team and give 15 people access to view the confidential file, they have to remove everyone and resubmit the new link to the others if one leaves the team and shall no longer have access to said file.

What are other companies doing in this scenario?

We are also using document libraries for certain members where we stop inheritance and manage access that way, but this requires a bit of know-how and we want the owner of each TeamSite to easily manage permissions on documents as you can with external users.
You need to not use the "Share" button and manually add people to the files using advanced on manage access. Then those users can see the documents / folders in the library while browsing. You used to be able to get direct links to files by right click and copy link but all this does is create sharing links which defeats the purpose.

In that case you have to navigate to the folder the file is in. Copy the URL from browser, then add the files name to it, this will give you a direct link to the file so that those that ahve access can directly link to a file.
You could also use the Share button with "Specific people" option, that also works like using advanced permissions as well and should be able to remove them individually from the sharing there.
We have tried this and it's the same thing as the first option you get. As long as the user is a member of the tenant, you must strip all permissions in order to remove that user.
You just click the file > Manage access > Find the name and .... > Stop sharing. I've never seen the need to strip all permission? You might need to be more elaborate with the steps taken here so we can try to reproduce, because I'm missing something. But I assume too something could just be broken! :)

Just to clarify what I see. When I highlight the file I get this:
Who has accessWho has accessThe user on the far right is "Anne".
When I then press "Manage access", this is shown:
List of accessList of accessAs you can see, the user "Anne" is not here. "ADM Anne G" is not the same account.
When we then go into advanced settings:
Advanced permissionsAdvanced permissions- Here, "Anne" is located, but we can't target her specifically and remove permissions. Imagine this file had 15-30 other people listed with permissions.

We cannot target "Anne" specifically in the 'Manage links' section either.
Shared with window in advanced settings.PNG

This is basically the problem we have.

Even choosing "Share with specific people", you cant remove a user who is in the tenant without stripping everyones access. But as I said, when the user is located outside the tenant, you can.

Hi, I am the member of a private teams channel. Documents hosted in Sharepoint. I gave someone who is not on the teams channel a direct edit access to a file.

I realized later that it should have been view access. That person does not know and I want to remove the access. It is not allowing me to change the access to view or remove the access. Why is that?