Sharing with employees that do not have a company email address

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Hi all, 


Relatively new to SharePoint development, so excuse my ignorance. 


I'm building a basic SharePoint site for our organisation to combine our information in a central location. Sharing this page with full-time employees is a breeze, because they all have company email addresses in Outlook. 


The problem I'm having is that we have a large casual base of our team, and they do not have company email addresses. I've read a few guides on the subject of sharing outside of the organisation, but they all provide slightly different information. 


Could someone please point me to the definitive resource, or provide some info on what exactly is needed for our casual employees to be able to access all pages of the new SharePoint site? 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @BenDraper,

To set up a SharePoint site for collaboration with guests, you will need to configure the following settings:

  • Azure external collaboration settings: Ensure that guest sharing is not blocked.


  • Microsoft 365 Groups guest settings: Turn on guest access for Microsoft 365 Groups.



  • SharePoint organization-level sharing settings: Set the sharing setting to Anyone or New and existing guests.



  • SharePoint site-level sharing settings: Check the site-level sharing settings to make sure that they allow the type of access that you want for this site.



Once you have configured these settings, you can start adding internal users and guests to your site. Site access is controlled through the associated Microsoft 365 group, so you will need to add users to the group.

You can add internal users to the group from the site, but you will need to add guests to the group from the Microsoft 365 admin center.

You can use this Microsoft Learn link for more details:
Collaborate with guests in a site (IT Admins) | Microsoft Learn

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